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Commissioned Officer Training Academy


Career Development Training Courses 

Officer Basic Course:
The purpose of the Officer Basic Course (OBC) is to establish a standardized, highly reliable core of basic information, to inspire Corps officers and to establish an emotional bond to the service. It supports acquirement of competencies that officers need to begin their careers, with emphasis on officership and readiness. When officers complete the OBC, they have the foundation upon which to develop a career in the Public Health Service and meet the basic readiness requirements for deployment. Successful completion of this course meets eligibility requirements for awarding the Commissioned Corps Training Ribbon.

Provisional Officer Basic Course:
During the Provisional Officer Basic Course (POBC), officers will receive an introduction to the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service. During this eight-week training course, emphasis is placed on the Corps as a uniformed service, military bearing and courtesy, career development, promotions, leave, compensation, awards, resource utilization, and readiness and deployment. This course is available to a officer who are not eligible to attend the residential Officer Basic Course and did not complete the OBC precursor; BOTC and IOTC. Officers successfully completing this course are eligible to earn the Commissioned Corps Training Ribbon.

Officer Mid-Level Course:
The Officer Mid-Level Course (OMC) is designed to prepare the Commissioned Officer for successful assignments as an officer and leader in a dynamic public health environment. It builds on the foundations set forth in the Officer Basic Course and prepares the officers with knowledge, disposition, and skills necessary to serve as mid-level officers and the future leaders of the United States Public Health Service.

Officer Advanced Course:
All officers will be eligible for the Officer Advanced Course (OAC), which is designed to build future Corps leaders. The Training and Career Development Steering Committee and COTA Cadre are coordinating with Corps leadership to establish criteria and curriculum for OAC which will train Corps officers in advanced leadership matters.

Officer Executive Course:
The Officer Executive Course (OEC) will be offered to selected senior executive officers. The Training and Career Development Steering Committee and COTA Cadre are working with Corps leadership to identify specific qualification guidelines and to establish the curriculum for OAC which will train Corps officers in executive leadership matters.