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Commissioned Officer Training Academy


Officer Basic Course Dates

The Officer Basic Course (OBC) provides training in the values and skills necessary to represent the Surgeon General as a commissioned officer. This two-week course is an orientation to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service, and life in the uniformed services. OBC also provides training and information on officer competency and career development, uniformed service customs and courtesies, force readiness and deployment, and other essential areas.

Officers who successfully complete this course are awarded the Commissioned Corps Training Ribbon (CCTR).

Course Number Month Course Dates Open House Pinning Ceremony Graduation Date
OBC 78 Feb-15 02/01/15 - 02/13/15 02/05/15 02/06/15 02/13/15
OBC 79 Apr-15 04/05/15 - 04/17/15 04/09/15 04/10/15 04/17/15
OBC 80 Jun-15 06/07/15 - 06/19/15 06/11/15 06/12/15 06/19/15