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Travel and Transportation

Moving with Pets

Government-funded pet transportation is not authorized. However, members may be reimbursed up to, but not to exceed, $550.00 per permanent station move for actual mandatory quarantine fees for household pets. The following website may contain useful pet quarantine information: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/import_export/animals/animal_import/animal_imports_pets.shtml. Other animals (horses, fish, birds, various rodents, etc.) are excluded as pets because of their size, exotic nature, or restriction on shipping, host country restrictions, and/or special handling difficulties.

Additional pet related costs with no reimbursement authorized:
  1. Lodging expense incurred for the member’s pet (e.g., second hotel room) is borne by the traveler with no reimbursement authorized.
  2. Kennel or boarding fees paid by a member to board a pet at an animal hospital while the carrier prepares the HHG for shipment at the member’s residence.
  3. Non-transportation and handling pet related expenses such as boarding fees, inoculations, country entry fees, and examination costs which are necessary to enable a member to bring a pet to the new permanent duty station.
  4. Pet care on official travel.
Accompanied baggage and household goods (HHG) shipment (including unaccompanied baggage) must not include live animals.

Make traveling with your cat or dog more pleasant by reading through these helpful tips and hints. The following is a list of items to pack for your pet:
  • Phone number of your regular veterinarian and a referral vet at your destination.
  • Bottled water. Pet's stomachs can be upset by a sudden change in water.
  • Shot records. *
  • Enough pet food for the entire trip.
  • Water and food dishes.
  • Plastic spoons for mixing and dishing out food.
  • A few of the pet's favorite toys.
  • A favorite bed, blanket, or sleeping mat.
  • Comb and brush.
  • Flea comb or shampoo.
  • Dust pan and soft brush.
  • Collar with ID tags and leash.
*NOTE: If flying, check with the airlines for specific guidelines.