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      USAJOBS Guidance for Officers of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Finding HHS Vacancies on USAJOBS

As a member of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service (Corps) you can search for open Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) job announcements by visiting the HHS USAJOBS search page at: http://jobsearch.USAJOBS.opm.gov/a9hhs.asp.


The applicant eligibility section of the search page is the key to enabling you to view all applicable HHS vacancies.  You should select the “Yes” response to the question due to your non competitive referral eligibility (See Figure 1 below).


NOTE:  Not all HHS openings are posted on USAJOBS.  Some scientific positions (including tenure-track science positions and guest researchers within HHS) can be found through the agency-specific jobs pages.  If you are looking for a scientific or clinical position at HHS, you should review individual agencies’ job pages for details on how Area, to apply for those positions.


Some Corps-specific positions are announced through the Office of the Surgeon General.  Corps officers are encouraged to contact their Chief Professional Officers, Commissioned Corps Liaisons, or staff of the Office of Commissioned Corps Operations for information about these specific billets.


After you have located an HHS vacancy you wish to apply for on USAJOBS, click on the job title to view details of the announcement.  Review all of the vacancy tabs carefully.  Scroll to the bottom of the vacancy announcement, and click apply online image     .


This will take you into MYUSAJOBS to start the application process.

USA Jobs Page
Figure 1




Creating a “My USAJOBS” Account

If you are a first-time user of USAJOBS, you will need to create a NEW account by establishing a USER ID and Password.

Creating an Account and Building Your Résumé

  • Bring up the USAJOBS page at www.USAJOBS.com
  • Click on
  • When the page appears, click on 'Create your Account Now!'
  • Complete the fields that are displayed.
  • Click 'Submit' when finished.
  • You will now be taken to the résumé Builder. The first tab highlighted will be 'Getting Started.'

There are 4 tabs that you will need to complete to build your résumé
--Getting Started
--Related Information
--Finishing W.


When completing the “Additional Information” section of the “Related Information” step, remember to:

  • Indicate that you are applying for the position as a commissioned officer.
  • Indicate whether you are already an active duty officer, an inactive reserve officer, or an applicant who has been approved for commissioning in the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service.  If an active duty officer, include your current billet number and title.  If you have not submitted an application to the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service, please go to http://www.usphs.gov/ to learn about the Corps.
  • Include the phone number for the Office of Commissioned Corps Operations, Division of Commissioned Corps Assignments (DCCA) (1-800-279-1605 or 240-453-6125), so the supervisor or hiring official can contact DCCA with questions.  You should also include the e-mail address: osphs@hhs.gov.

Applying for HHS Vacancies on USAJOBS


Once you have set up an account with USAJOBS, type in your User ID and Password.  After you have logged in, USAJOBS will present a screen asking you to select a résumé.  USAJOBS will allow you to store up to five different résumés.


If you have existing USAJOBS online résumés:  Make sure your selected résumé content is reflective of the experience, education, and qualifications outlined in the vacancy announcement you are currently applying for. If you need to edit or review your USAJOBS résumé, you will need to log in to MY USAJOBS first to make any changes and later return to the announcement to click Apply Online.


After selecting your résumé best suited for the vacancy announcement, click 'Apply for this Position now!' You will be automatically taken to HHS Careers to answer a series of core and vacancy specific questions (including additional questions regarding your Corps status).  The résumé you submitted from USAJOBS and answers to the vacancy questions within HHS will become your application.


When you are finished answering the vacancy questions, be sure to check the box 'I would like a copy of my application emailed to me,' then click 'Finished.'


A review screen will follow to give you an opportunity to examine your responses. After reviewing, click 'Finished.'


A USAJOBS Application Status screen will appear confirming that your application has been submitted. You may log into MY USAJOBS to periodically check for updates to your application status.


If you have any questions about the application process or qualifications, please call or e-mail the contact listed in the vacancy announcement.


If you experience any technical difficulties with the USAJOBS/HHS Careers system, please call the HR systems help desk listed in the vacancy announcement.

Tracking the Status of Job Announcements on USAJOBS


Tracking the status of job announcements is as easy as 1-2-3. No longer will you need to remember the announcement number or job title. USAJOBS will do that for you!


Bring up My USAJOBS.


  1. Log in, if necessary.
  2. When the Welcome Back screen appears, click on word/link Applications in “Track your online job Applications.”
  3. If you have applied to any vacancies, your job application history will be displayed.


*NOTE: USAJOBS will track jobs for 18 months. The vacancy link will only be active as long as the vacancy announcement is open.


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