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Area Nurse Ambassador Vacancies

If you enjoy meeting and helping new people and providing information regarding local resources and experiences, this opportunity is for you! The Nurse Ambassador Program is a way to extend a helping hand from one officer to another. 


The Nurse Ambassador Program consists of the Regional Nurse Ambassador and the Area Nurse Ambassador.  We are currently accepting applications for Area Nurse Ambassador. Please submit applications to the associated Regional Nurse Ambassadors.


What is an Area Nurse Ambassador?

An Area Nurse Ambassador will serve as a point of contact in the local area and agency to provide specific details on culture, community resources, and serve as part of the supportive network for new officers.


How is the Nurse Ambassador different than a liaison?

A Nurse Ambassador is stationed within a facility and can provide a real-time assessment of the resources and information to assist newly assigned officers with orientation. The Nurse Ambassador will work closely with the agency liaisons to create a strong support system for the new officers.


Area Nurse Ambassador Criteria:

-O-2 to O-5

-Have at least 1 year at your current duty station; time at duty station prior to PHS is acceptable

-Organized and self-motivated

-Willing to commit to being actively engaged for a 2-year timeframe. If relocating <2 yrs, would need to establish a sponsor on the ground for the new officer in your absence. 

-Strong networking skills

Ability to connect the officer with an on the ground sponsor

-Position will be open to officers currently assigned to the hard to fill agencies I.H.S, BOP & IHSC. Highly encourage Nurse Officers outside of those hard to fill agencies to apply who have previous work experience 2+ years at a hard to fill agency, with a strong desire to serve fellow officers and can assist with building a supportive network.

I.H.S Facilities in the following cities

Send applications for Region 8 to LCDR James Corliss at

Lodge Grass Health Clinic, Lodge Grass, MT

Pryor Health Station, Pryor, MT

Arapahoe Health Center, Arapahoe, WY


Send applications for Region 7 to LT Christina Mello at

Healing Spirit Community Rehabilitation Center, Sioux City, IA


Send Applications for Region 5 to CDR Brian Murphy at  

Cass Lake Indian Hospital and Clinic, Cass Lake, MN 

White Earth Health Center Indian Health Services, Ogema, MN


Please review the below links for informational flyer and Area Nurse Ambassador application: 


Contact LT Terrin Ramsey @ terrin.ramsey@TCHEALTH.ORG and CDR Qiana Coffey @ for additional information.

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