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The Mentoring Project is a subgroup of the Career Development Subcommittee (CDS) and is intended to be a centralized resource for officers to reach out and for experienced officers to assist in providing career development information and assist in providing guidance to help officers achieve their career goals.

If you would like to request a mentor, please email Please provide in the email your Name, Rank, Position/Title, Phone Number(s), Agency Email Address, Agency, and the type of mentoring/extent of mentoring you are requesting. Examples of mentoring topics include transitioning into the USPHS, identifying resources available, career promotion/development, reviewing benchmarks, and any other topics identified by the officer they need support on. The intention is for the mentoring relationship to be a short term one, averaging for officers approximately 6 months.

Your information will be filtered to the Mentor Coordinator on call for that month and you will be assigned a mentor who will then contact you to begin your mentoring relationship and to discuss your goals.

Officers seeking to become a mentor should watch for vacancy announcements, which when available, will be posted for application through the N-PAC LISTSERV. You will be instructed at that time to fill out an application form and to turn in a current CV. Officers applying for openings must have supervisory approval, be basic ready, no adverse actions, as well as be in compliance with all policies and procedures. Mentors are selected based on a variety of skill levels and agency experience in order to represent a diverse subset of the nurse category.

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December 2017 A Healthier Holiday [PDF pdf_logo.gif 407kb]
November 2017 Managing Stress in Crisis Response [PDF pdf_logo.gif 496kb]
October 2017 ODU Uniform [PDF pdf_logo.gif 357kb]
September 2017 PHS Readiness [PDF pdf_logo.gif 825kb]
August 2017 Travel Tips [PDF 682pdf_logo.gifkb]
July 2017 Mentor and Mentee [PDF pdf_logo.gif497kb]
June 2017 Healthy Eating-Weight Management [PDF pdf_logo.gif375kb]
May 2017 Cybersecurity [PDF pdf_logo.gif370kb
April 2017 Retirement-Separation [PDF pdf_logo.gif523kb]
March 2017 GI Bill Benefits [PDF pdf_logo.gif 336kb]
February 2017 Thrift Savings Plan-TSP [PDF pdf_logo.gif 577kb]
January 2017 Request a Mentor [PDF pdf_logo.gif 416kb]
December 2016 Promotion Review [PDF pdf_logo.gif 473kb]
November 2016 Effective Writing-Impact Statements [PDF pdf_logo.gif 1MB]
October 2016 Stress Management [PDF pdf_logo.gif 966kb]
July 2016 Summer Safety Tips [PDF pdf_logo.gif 624kb]
May 2016 Nurse Mentoring Program [PDF pdf_logo.gif 926kb]
April 2016 Fitness Resolutions [PDF pdf_logo.gif 762kb]
March 2016 Revised APFT-Annual Physical Fitness Test [PDF pdf_logo.gif 679kb]

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