Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Nurse Professional Advisory Committee


The Communication Subcommittee plans, implements, and evaluates communication needs among PHS Nurses including: website, social media, nurse resource manual, listserv, and collaborative activities.


  • Create mechanisms to foster enhanced dialogue with stakeholders in nursing and public health.
  • Promote PHS nurse (civil service, commissioned corps amd tribal nurses) participation in the N-PAC listserv.
  • Develop the next generation of PHS nurses to address evolving public health issues.


  • Evaluate website form and function to ensure flexibility and website relevance for its users.
  • Utilize social media opportunities such as the N-PAC Facebook fan page to encourage dialog and information sharing with PHS nurses and outside stakeholders.
  • Develop and monitor listserv activities.
    Maintain the Nurse Resource Manual and the NPAC Member Orientation Guide on the N-PAC website.

Communication Subcommittee Co-Chairs:

Communication Subcommittee Workgroups

  • Listserv Workgroup
  • Website Workgroup
  • Collaborative Workgroup

Website & Listserv Policies:

  • For information about how and what kinds of vacancy announcements can be posted to the N-PAC listserv, click here. (pdf pdf_logo.gif 15 Kb)
  • For information about the various ways N-PAC communicates with it’s members, click HERE. (pdf pdf_logo.gif 128 Kb)

Procedure for Submitting Information to the N-PAC Website

The following procedures are utilized to manage information posted to the N-PAC website. All information placed on the website must be approved by an authorized person. Persons authorized to edit or add pages to the N-PAC website are the Chief Nurse Officer (CNO, N-PAC chair, and N-PAC sub- committee co-chairs) and their designated content liaisons.

TO POST NEW CONTENT: Persons wishing to post information on the N-PAC website would submit that information to the appropriate N-PAC sub-committee content liaison. The sub-committee content liaison will authorize and edit the posting as needed. It is then forwarded to the designated website workgroup webmaster/point of contact (POC) for the sub-committee that initiated the posting (cc to Website Chair). New content must be submitted in a 508-compliant manner. Webmasters will make all approved posts and updates within 10 calendar days.

Designated content liaisons and website workgroup webmaster POC’s are listed below. Sub-committee content liaisons should review website content quarterly and submit updates as needed. Sub-committee co-chairs should submit written notification to the Communications Sub-committee co-chairs when website approval authority delegation has changed.


TO REPORT ERRORS: If you find an error on the N-PAC website, please email the content liaison AND the webmaster for that page and include details about where/what the error is.

Sub-Committee / Web Page Titles

Sub-Committee / Content Liaison Website Workgroup POC / Webmaster

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