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                                    IHS Behavioral Health RN Clinical Coordinator in Anchorage Alaska, O-6 Billet! 

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Behavioral Health RN Clinical Coordinator

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Behavioral Services

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Dena A Coy

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Summary of Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the delivery of appropriate, timely, and beneficial care for customer--owners to promote quality health care outcomes in the residential setting at TPH. Resource and educator for customer-owners and employees. Provides clinical input and consultation to Treatment Team members. Provides mentorship and clinical supervision to other RNs in Behavioral Services Division. Provides RN case management to The Pathway Home program. This position receives clinical supervision from the MSD Director of Nursing.

Outline of Essential Job Responsibilities/Functions to Include but Not Limited to:

Customer Care & Relationships:

  1. Creates, develops, and nurtures culturally appropriate interactions and connections with each other, customer-owners, and the community.
  2. Works with clinical staff to provide efficient quality care in coordination with the SCF Nursing Directors of Quality Assurance and BSD Director of Quality Improvement and BSD Executive Management team.
  3. Models appropriate behaviors, attitudes and skills consistently that support full customer ownership of all health issues.
  4. Identifies, develops, and shares skills used to:
  • Develops effective health partnerships with customer-owners and their families fostering the customer’s independence, growth and development and overall well-being.
  • Builds positive relationships with customer-owners and clinical team.
  1. Maintains a standard of care and conduct that promotes teamwork, communication, initiative and, accountability. 
  2. Maintains, monitors and advocates for customer-owner safety issues and infection control
  3. Mentors RNs, LPNs and other employees formally in theory-based nursing practice model, evidence-based practices and shared governance in multidisciplinary model.
  4. Assure that all TPH employees are educated in self-administration medication management, assuring that all competencies are documented, deficiencies are addressed, with additional education/ experiences.
  5. Oversight of self-administration program

Communications & Teamwork:                                                          

  1. Shares and receives information, opinions, concerns, and feedback in a supportive manner.
  2. Works collaboratively by building bridges, and creating rapport with team members within departments and across the organization. Models effective communication skills with internal and external customers.
  3. Communicates effectively with employees in different forums using multiple mediums.
  • Demonstrates excellent facilitator skills in one-on-one discussions with employees and in group settings.
  • Receives and provides constructive feedback to enhance individual development, team maturity and performance.
  1. Mentors other employees on team building and communication skills formally.
  • Assists in the evaluation of clinical team nurses; their effectiveness, organizational skills, and team functions and gives constructive feedback.
  • Acts as a resource for nurses in the clinic for nursing and system issues or questions.
  1. Communicates with nurses on a regular basis to illicit issues, questions, training needs or best practices.
  2. Assures best practices are spread throughout the program and, when appropriate the division.

Improvement & Innovation:

  1. Makes meaningful improvement to services, program, and processes and/or organizational effectiveness that create new value for customer owners and employees.
  2. Participates with programs to identify appropriate clinical and process improvement goals.
  3. Observes process of self-administration and provides feedback to program
    1. Assist programs in the development of the self-administration work flow to improve process, while meeting the requirements for accreditation, licensing and safety.
  4. Assists with program and division projects as needed.
  • Works with assigned employees to define pilot goals and measurements effectively using SCF quality tools.
  • Works with assigned employees to address perceived barriers to improvement projects and uses active listening to refocus or clarify goals.
  1. Actively mentors other nurses to build clinical and communication skills.
  2. Applies understanding of SCF improvement tools with a demonstrated ability to use them in their own practice as well as mentor others in their use. 

Workforce Development Skills & Abilities:

  1. Seeks out additional learning opportunities to continue to develop the technical and professional skills needed now and in the future.
  2. Responsible for all work activities and personal actions by following through on commitments.
  3. Demonstrates leadership, communication and teaching abilities consistent with guiding and facilitating learning about SCF processes and principles.
  4. Works in a mentoring role to further develop professional and leadership skills.
  5. Seeks professional development opportunities for self and team.
  6. Performs job using theory-based nursing practice model, evidence- based practices, and shared governance in a multidisciplinary team model.
  7. Applies SCF Core Concepts in their work.
  8. Participates in a multidisciplinary clinical team.
  9. Ensures effective communication and exceptional customer owner service.
  10. Applies knowledge of scope of customer-owner care services provided by other clinical employees and the referral process.
  11. Applies knowledge of clinic practices and ability to act as a resource for clinical and non-clinical personnel and assist the providers as necessary.
  12. Applies the operational principles and the primary care model in own clinical team as well as the ability to inspire and share with other teams and clinics.
  13. Insures the BSD RNs are cross-trained to cover for vacancies in the other Behavioral Health programs. 


SCF programs are established for the purpose of serving a primary population comprised of Alaska Natives who are affiliated with the Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI), and Alaska Natives and American Indians within SCF’s geographical service area.  Employees should have a thorough understanding of the cultures and the needs of the CIRI members, and of the general culture and needs of Alaska Natives and American Indians.  Such knowledge is critical in order to ensure the achievement of the mission and vision of SCF: working together with the Native community to provide the best services with Native staff who value the family and family wellness as the heart of the Native community.

  1. Bachelor’s degree in nursing. 
  2. Current registered nurse license in the State of Alaska.
  3. Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is required.

Three (3) years nursing experience OR demonstrated proficiency as an RN Case Manager at SCF.

Working Environment:                                                                                                                                                            

  • Employee may be exposed to: hazardous waste (under 1/3 time). 

 Physical Demands: 

  • Position requires: sit (over 2/3 time); talk or hear (over 2/3 time).
  • Weight lifted or force exerted: none.
  • Special vision requirements: Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less).
  • Additional physical demands: Therapeutic Options (less than 1/3 of time)
  • Additional physical demands: this position requires driving; employee must be able to respond when needed by prompt appearance at a required location; employee may be required to provide customer-owner care in other locations away from employee’s primary work sit 

If you have any questions, please contact: Noel V. Pediangco at (907) 729-3354 or CAPT Brenda Cook at (907) 729-3303

 Native Preference:

Under P.L. 93-638, as amended, the company pursues a policy of Native preference in hiring, contracting, and training.

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