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Leading the Way for Tomorrow

FPHSN roles continue to expand in scope and complexity to meet the ever-changing needs of the American people. Under the leadership and guidance of the Chief Nurse Officer, support is given to HHS programs to improve the health of all Americans. FPHSN—Civil Service, Tribal, and Commissioned Corps—represent the public interest and not a special interest. We take pride in our nursing practice and accept the challenges of health care today in order to lead the way for other professions and the American people in meeting the objectives of HHS’ Healthy People 2020.

FPHSNs will continue to play a pivotal role in implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) where emphasis is being placed on modernizing disease prevention and public health systems. Activities include improving the efficiency and quality of health care delivery; expanding public health, especially programs aimed at children, the low income and the elderly; targeting chronic disease prevention which includes increasing access to clinical preventive services; use of innovative medical therapies; and, increased community living assistance services and support. One component of this Act where federal public health nurses can make significant contributions is the establishment of a national strategy to improve health care service delivery, patient outcomes and population health[1].

FPHSN will work to address the increasing demands for Registered Nurses and Advanced Practice Registered nurses to replace our aging nursing workforce, the rising numbers of older Americans (estimated to be 80 million new Medicare eligible in 2011) and the estimated 32 million new persons seeking care under PPACA eligibility[2]. FPHSN are members of professional organizations and several specialty-nursing organizations. Through continued research, regulatory activities, program and policy development, we advance the nation’s health for individuals, families and populations within diverse communities and vulnerable and global settings. Our goal for the future, as leaders for a healthier tomorrow, will be to help foster community resilience in restoring, strengthening, and sustaining health among all people. We are catalysts to achieving healthy behaviors and to maintaining healthy lifestyles.

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