Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Nurse Professional Advisory Committee

Resource REACH

Resource REACH stands for:

R — Research
E — Education
A — Advocacy
CH — Community Health practice

REACH PURPOSE:  REACH is a committee dedicated to support nurses in the field of nursing research.  The group is made up of three workgroups: Presentation, Conference and Website design. 

  • Stimulate collaboration to participate and communicate nursing research in the federal sector.
  • Highlight and encourage participation in nursing-led research and careers in research
  • Provide an updated list of conferences for easy reference for nurses

REACH Objectives:

  • Disseminate research findings that support best practice associated with health care policy, public health advocacy, and nursing practice through list serves and PHS nursing website quarterly.
  •  Conduct quarterly presentations at the NPAC meetings featuring nursing research  and its use in practice.
  •  Post nurse authored publications and presentations to NPAC website.
  •  List training opportunities such as  conferences and web courses, for easy access to up to date educational opportunities.

REACH-Research Subcommittee Chair and Co-Chair: 

Chair:  CDR Keith Marin -

Co-Chair:  LCDR Natasha Kormanik -


REACH-Research Subcommittee Workgroups:

Presentation Workgroup: As the field of nursing continues to evolve, emerging science offers the opportunity for nurses to optimize patient care. Numerous electronic databases are available in the public domain contain evidence-based information. Accessing and utilizing updated and relevant scientific evidence can help inform patient care decisions.

Purpose:  Develop prototype presentations (10-15 minutes) that address each of the Surgeon General's priorities that can be used at the national, state, or local level.

Team Co-Leads:
CAPT Sherbet Samuels - 
CAPT Judith Sutcliff - 
LCDR Gail Tarlton - 

Conference Workgroup:  Provides current links to upcoming conferences that may be of interest to our NPAC Officers.  This section will also support and list current and past research from our NPAC base to be shared and viewed.  There are many Officers who have completed research, authored articles and completed Master thesis which may be beneficial to our readers.

Purpose:  List training opportunities such as  conferences and web courses, for easy access to up to date educational opportunities.

Team Co-Leads:
CDR Michael Bonislawski - 
LCDR Prescious Antonio - 

Website Design Workgroup:  Provides REACH updates to the webmaster quarterly.

Team Co-Leads:
CAPT Robert Swain - 
CDR Laurel Christians - 

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