Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group

Chair's Award

The Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group (BCOAG) Chair Award was created to recognize officers (one voting and one non-voting member) who have provided exemplary support to the BCOAG Chair. The officers who receive this award have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have exceeded the expectations of the BCOAG Chair by supporting BCOAG's mission, their fellow officers, and the community at large. Recipients of this award are chosen by the BCOAG Chair and are announced at BCOAG's Annual Social.

BCOAG Chair Award Recipients
Name of Recipient

CDR Jennifer Moon (voting member)

LCDR LeAnn Brodhead (non-voting member)


CDR Glendolynn Johnson (voting member)

LCDR Andrew Gentles (non-voting member)


CDR Kofi Ansah (voting member)

LCDR Avena Russell (non-voting member)


CDR Aisha Mix (voting member)

LT Yandace Brown (non-voting member)


CDR Tarsha Cavanaugh (voting member)

LCDR LaKeeta Carr (non-voting member)


LT Natalie Gibson (voting member)

LT Garman Williams (non-voting member)


LCDR Charlene Sydnor (voting member)

LCDR Mivoyel Jean Paul (non-voting member)

2010 CDR Beverly Dandridge
2009 CDR Postelle Birch-Smith
2008 LCDR Morrisa Rice

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