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Commissioned Corps Women's Issues Advisory Board


The Commissioned Corps Women's Issues Advisory Board (CCWIAB) 



Our Mission and Who We Are

Our mission is to identify and analyze key issues that impact women in the Commissioned Corps and to develop action plans to address these issues. 

The Commissioned Corps Women’s Issues Advisory Board (CCWIAB) was founded in 2011 under former Surgeon General VADM Regina Benjamin and supports the 2009 Executive Order establishing the White House Council on Women and Girls.  Members are appointed by the Surgeon General, including appointment of a Flag officer as chairperson.  To ensure multiple view points, an officer from the Medical, Dental, Engineering, and Environmental Health categories sits on the board at all times.  The CCWIAB currently meets on a monthly basis.


Current CCWIAB Key Issues

Members meet on several subcommittees including pregnancy, violence prevention, outreach, recruitment, and membership. Issues currently under review include:

  • Deployment challenges
  • Pregnancy related issues
  • Domestic violence prevention and treatment

Please feel free to contact the board regarding women’s issues, concerns, and topics for women serving in the USPHS Commissioned Corps.


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