Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Commissioned Corps Women's Issues Advisory Board


First Name

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Category Agency Subcommittee
RADM Richardae Araojo Executive Chair Pharmacist FDA Executive Chair
LCDR Marissa Zwald Co-Chair Scientist CDC CCWIAB Co-Chair
LCDR Ellen Boundy Executive Assistant Nurse CDC CCWIAB Executive Assistant
CAPT Merel Kozlosky Member Dietician FDA Health and Wellness
CDR Titania Brownlee Member Dentist USCG Outreach and Membership
CDR Cria Perrine Member Scientist CDC  Reproductive Health
CDR Kimberly Piermatteo Member Engineer FDA Health and Wellness
CDR  Yvonne Santiago Member HSO FDA Essential Healthcare Access
CDR Renee Shibukawa Kent Member Veterinarian FDA Website
LCDR Emily Gaffney Member Nurse IHS RHC – Pregnancy Subcommittee 
LCDR Karina Gushue Member Therapist HIS Outreach and Membership
LCDR Sarah  Maynard Member EHO NPS Anti-Harassment 
LCDR Emiko Petrosky Member Physician CDC Anti-Harassment
LCDR Shannon Thor Member Pharmacist FDA Reproductive Health
CDR Eunice Chung-Davies Past Co-Chair Pharmacist FDA Past Co-Chair
CDR Cara Halldin Past Co-Chair Scientist CDC Past Co-Chair
CDR Kiran Perkins Past Co-Chair Physician CDC Past Co-Chair
CDR Neelam Ghiya WLSG Co-Chair HSO CDC WLSG
CDR Kathleen Klemm WLSG Co-Chair Pharmacist FDA WLSG
LCDR Vicky Hsu JOAG Liaison Engineer FDA JOAG

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