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Pharmacist Professional Advisory Committee


Pharmacists Learning and Networking Together (PLANT)

As part of the Pharmacist Professional Advisory Committee's (PharmPAC) initiative for Public Health Service (PHS) pharmacists' intellectual and career growth, the PharmPAC is collecting personal abstracts of pharmacists who wish to share what they do as pharmacists in the DHHS/PHS. We are interested in profiles from both commissioned corps and civil service pharmacists. These individuals will be selected and interviewed by members of the Pharmacists Learning and Networking Together (PLANT) workgroup.

We encourage you to use this information to learn about other opportunities in the PHS, find out what steps to take toward your dream job, find out what former colleagues are doing now, find a mentor, or just to network.

Note: The information contained in these profiles is provided by the selected pharmacist. It is taken at face value and is presumed to be accurate.

Pharmacists in the Public Health Service may be assigned to work places listed below.

For additional information, contact: LT Nicholas Cushman / CDR Steven Rodgers.

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