Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity Advisory Group


Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity Advisory Group (SOAGDAG)


To provide advice and consultation to and on behalf of the United States Public Health Service (USPHS or PHS) Commissioned Corps Surgeon General on the following:

  1. Issues of interest to and concern of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer officers and officers with other gender identities (hereafter, "LGBTQ+), as well as their allies in the USPHS Commissioned Corps,
  2. Issues relating to USPHS Commissioned Corps personnel policies and practices relevant to LGBTQ+ officers, and
  3. Provision of LGBTQ+-competent health care by USPHS Commissioned Corps healthcare providers.


We invite you to join the Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity Advisory Group (SOAGDAG) in its endeavors to expand the visibility, impact, and role of LGBTQ+ Officers in the USPHS and raise awareness about critical public health issues the LGBTQ+ community.

SOAGDAG membership consists of voting and non-voting members. There may be up to 20 voting members, and an unlimited number of non-voting members. All non-voting members are welcome to serve on committees and be active in helping SOAGDAG achieve its mission.

Currently, voting members are nominated and appointed to SOAGDAG. Voting members must be:

  • Active Duty Commissioned Corps Officers who meet basic readiness standards.
  • Interested in LGBTQ+ Issues to further the SOAGDAG mission.
  • Actively participating in a SOAGDAG committee while serving as a voting member.

Subscribe to the SOAGDAG Listserv

In addition to participating in our meetings and committees we also want to encourage you to join our Listserv, as this is the primary way we communicate with our fellow officers. You may subscribe or change your email address (government or official work emails only) for the SOAGDAG Listserv: .

SOAGDAG 2023 Leadership


LCDR Madalene Mandap

SOAGDAG Vice Chair

CDR Robert Kosko

SOAGDAG Secretary

LT Brian McAleney

SOAGDAG Senior Advisor

CAPT Jonathan White

SOAGDAG Immediate Past Chair

CDR Dakota McMurray


SOAGDAG 2023 Committee Chairs

Awards Committee Chair

LT Regena Hardy

Award Committee Co-Chair

LCDR Dominic D’Alessandro

Communication Committee Chair

LT Nathan Drew

Communications Committee Co-Chair

LCDR Caitlin Cossaboom

Membership Committee Chair

LCDR Natasha Colmore

Membership Committee Co-Chair

LCDR Michael Bakker

Policy Committee Chair

LCDR Patrick High

Policy Committee Co-Chair

LT Lee Ryder

Social Committee Chair

LT Beth Rubenstein

Social Committee Co-Chair

LCDR Sharon Edelson-Mammel

Education & Training Committee Chair

LCDR Delice Echols

Education & Training Committee Co-Chair

LCDR Rebecca Bak


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