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Therapist Responder of the Year

The Therapist Responder of the Year was developed for the Therapist who has made outstanding achievements and contributions during their deployment as a Therapist in emergency preparedenss and disaster response to national or international public health threats

  • 2018 LT Jennifer Manning
  • 2017 CDR Christina Eaker

William Fromherz Award

The William Fromherz Award is presented to a career officer in the Therapist Category who is recognized by his/her peers for outstanding contributions in clinical care, program development, administration, or a combination thereof. The officer is recognized for the positive impact his /her contributions have made on the health care profession, the officer's program, and/or the Commissioned Corps during his/her carer in the United States Public Health Service.

The William Fromherz award was created in memory of CAPT William Fromherz whose career contributions and accomplishments so positively impacted on the programs to which he was assigned, the physical therapy profession he represented, and the USPHS Commissioned Corps he so proudly served.

Past recipients of the William Fromherz Award

  • 2017 CDR Jill Tillman
  • 2016 Ron West
  • 2015 Jeff Richardson
  • 2014 Michaele Smith
  • 2014 Justin Feola
  • 2010 Mark Dardis
  • 2008 Rebecca liarks
  • 2005 Frances Oakley
  • 2004 Charlotte Richards
  • 2003 Judith Bell-Krotoski
  • 2001 Willis Trawick
  • 2000 Charles McGarvey
  • 1999 David Nestor

Josef Hoog Award

The Josef Hoog Award was developed to foster research and publication by members of the USPHS Therapist category. Papers reflect unpublished works.

The Josef Hoog Award was created in memory of CAPT Josef Hoog, physical therapist, whose leadership advanced the PT and OT professions by promoting the use of objective clinical measures which provide a rich source of data for research. The award is intended to stimulate PHS therapists to participate in research and publish their results.

Past recipients of the Josef Hoog Award

  • 2018 CDR Michael McClain
  • 2017 LCDR Charles Rainey
  • 2016 Christina Eaker
  • 2014 David Byrne
  • 2014 Carlos Estevez
  • 2013 Alexander Brenner : Effects of the Lumbosacral Region Manipulation on the Hip (view manuscript)
  • 2012 Ramon Ector: Body Mass Bias in the Physical Fitness tests of Coast Guard Academy Cadets
  • 2009 Monique Howard: Gender Differences in Performance of Functional Activities Among Elderly Stroke Survivors in Medicare Managed Care
  • 2008 David Byrne: Comparison of Speech Intelligibility Measures for an Electronic Amplifying Earmuff and an Identical Passive Attenuation Device
  • 2007 Rebecca Parks: Brief Assessment of Motor Function (BAMF): Content Validity and Reliability of the Fine Motor Scale
  • 2006 Karen Lohmann Siegel with co-authors Thomas Kepple and Steven Stanhope: Gait Compensations for Hip Muscle Weakness in Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy
  • 2005 Karen Lohmann Siegel with co-authors Thomas Kepple and Steven Stanhope: Using Induced Accelerations to Understand Knee Stability during Gait of Individuals with Muscle Weakness
  • 2001 Bart Drinkard with co-authors Jennifer McDuffie, Serena McCann, Gabriel I. Uwaifo, Jennifer Nicholson and Jack A. Yanovski: Relationships Between Walk/Run Performance and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Overweight Adolescents
  • 1999 Frances Oakley: Validation of the Daily Activities Questionnaire: An ADL Assessment for People with Alzheimer's Disease
  • 1998 Karen Lohmann Siegel with co-author Leo Verhagen: Bilateral Posteroventral Pallidotomy Improves Gait of Subjects with Parkinson's Disease
  • 1992 Andrew Novick: Reduction of Plantar Pressure with the Rigid-Relief Orthosis
  • 1991 Andrew Novick: Frontal Plane Moment Changes About the Rearfoot with Orthotic Intervention
  • 1990 Elizabeth Tomancik with co-authors Donna Breger-Lee, David Giurintano, Andrew Novick, and Lillian Browder: Reliability of Torque Range of Motion

Therapist of the Year Award

The Therapist of the Year Award replaced the Therapist Clinician of the Year Award in 2006. This award is presented to a therapist who is recognized by his or her peers for outstanding contributions in leadership and advancement of public health.

  • 2018 CDR Molly Rutledge
  • 2017 LCDR Kathryn Jacques
  • 2016 Francine Barnett
  • 2015 Carlos Estevez
  • 2014 Matthew Armentano
  • 2014 Jeffrey Lawrence
  • 2013 Alexei Desatoff
  • 2010 Douglas Henry
  • 2009 Ron West
  • 2008 Kathleen O'Neill-Manrique
  • 2007 Jessie Whitehurst-Lief
  • 2006 Bonnie Thornton

    Therapist Junior Officer of the Year Award

    The Therapist Junior Officer of the Year Award is presented to a junior officer who is recognized by his or her peers for overall performance in the delivery of quality healthcare and outstanding contributions in the area of clinical healthcare/healthcare management.

    Past recipients of the Therapist Junior Officer of the Year Award

    • 2018 LCDR William Church
    • 2017 LCDR Charles Rainey
    • 2016 Lars Krusholm
    • 2015 Molly Rutledge
    • 2014 Chandra Preator
    • 2014 Sally Bobula
    • 2013 Molly Rutledge
    • 2010 Carlos Estevez
    • 2009 Stelihen Sliaulding
    • 2008 Henry McMillan
    • 2007 Heidi Fisher
    • 2006 Jeffrey Lawrence
    • 2005 Robert Roe
    • 2004 Alexei Dessatoff
    • 2003 Jeffrey Richardson
    • 2002 Joselih Rasor
    • 2001 Ron West

    Nomination Process

    Nominations for the therapist category awards must be submitted to the TPAC awards chairperson by 01 February of the corresponding year.

    Different elements are to be included in the nomination package for each award and are listed in pdf format files below.

    All nomination packages, except, the Josef Hoog Award, should include a brief narrative (1-2 pages) explaining how the therapist meets the award criteria, name of the nominee, PHS rank (for the William Fromherz and Junior Officer of the Year awards), professional discipline, Operating Division/Program, period covered, and appropriate signatures/endorsements. Please note: Nomination packages submitted for the William Fromherz Award from the previous year must be updated and have a new signature/endorsement page.

    Award nomination packages should be mailed to:

    • CDR Alice Hopper
    • Bureau of Prison's
    • United States Medical Center For Federal Prinsoners
    • Springfield, Mo.
    • E-mail:

    Once the nominations are received by the awards coordinator, a standard procedure [PDF - KB] will be followed to judge the nominations. Each award has an established set of judging criteria [PDF - KB] that will be used to evaluate the submissions for each award to select the recipients each

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