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USPHS Veterinarians in Biologic Laboratory USPHS Veterinarians providing Rabies Vaccination USPHS Veterinarians Wearing Personal Protective Gear USPHS Veterinarians CDC Emergency Operations Center - Haiti USPHS Veterinarians and laboratory animal medicine USPHS Veterinarians running shelters after disasters USPHS Veterinarians restraining and vaccinating a dog USPHS Veterinarians checking mice for fleas during a human plague investigation USPHS Veterinarians and Vaccination Campaign - Haiti USPHS Veterinarians group on deployment USPHS Veterinarians International vaccinations of cattle USPHS Veterinarians International vaccinations of cervids USPHS Veterinarians trenching on DMAT USPHS Veterinarian and Vaccinated Child - Haiti USPHS Veterinarian and Meat Inspection

Welcome to the US Public Health Service Veterinary Category Website!

US Public Health Service Veterinarians provide expertise in their assignments in many disciplines, including the areas of epidemiology, pathology, toxicology, and lab animal medicine.

Veterinarians also serve in a variety of public health leadership roles such as administration, planning, and coordination. The officers who serve in the USPHS Veterinary Category are called on to promote, improve, and defend the health and well-being of all species; respond to natural and man-made disasters; and enhance knowledge of public health diseases and methods of prevention.

On this Site

This site contains a general description of the mission of the U.S. Public Health Service, information related to the Veterinary Category, information realted to the Veterinary Professional Advisory Committee (VetPAC),, key messages from our Chief Professional Officer (CPO), and general information regarding veterinary roles in the Public Health Service.

For information concerning recruiting requirements and assignments in the Veterinary Category of the Public Health Service please contact the Recruitment and Assignments Branch of the Division of Commissioned Personnel at Tel: (877) INFO DCP extension 4-3360 [(877) 463-6327, ext. 4-3360]. For vacancies available to veterinarians in the Commissioned Corps go to


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