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American Indian and Alaska Native Commissioned Officers Advisory Committee (AI/ANCOAC) Presents 2006 Awards
CAPT Kurt M. Riley Receives the 2006 Leadership Award
For his exemplary leadership qualities through his dedicated services in improving quality health care practice setting at the Albuquerque Indian Health Center.
Over the past 20 years, CAPT Kurt M. Riley has provided admirable service to the Indian Health Service. His various professional roles have included Administrative Officer, Chief Pharmacist, Health Center Director, Division of Pharmacy Acting Director, and Staff Pharmacist. CAPT Riley has also been instrumental in his participation in the Pharmacy Pilot Project at the Albuquerque Service Unit. His role in the project has allowed him to improve software issues and implement an automated prescription filling system compatible with the pharmacy billing system.
In his current role as Chief Operating Officer, CAPT Riley is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating the compliance program throughout the Albuquerque Service Unit. He has also been an essential part of a collaborative effort to establish and write guidelines on State and Federal regulatory issues regarding health care delivery and billing services.
CAPT Riley has been the recipient of the PHS Commendation Medal, PHS Bicentennial Unit Commendation Medal, and the Albuquerque Area Director’s Special Recognition Award.
LT Yolanda Burke-Dee Receives the 2006 Annie Dodge Wauneka Award
For sustained, exemplary performance as the TCRHCC Nurse Recruiter/Staff Liaison, which resulted in significant, positive impact to the mission of TCRHCC and the IHS.
As Nurse Recruiter/Staff Liaison at the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC), LT Yolanda Burke-Dee performed an outstanding job in recruiting nurses for the facility. LT Burke-Dee was responsible for maintaining Web site postings, attending job fairs, and tracking contract staff to the facility. In addition, LT Burke-Dee served as a strong liaison among the Nursing departments, Nursing Administration, and Human Resources.
The dynamic approach demonstrated by LT Burke-Dee had a direct influence in reducing the nursing vacancy rate from 40 percent to less than 12 percent. She displayed a highly positive image for the facility and influenced many nurses to serve at Tuba City. LT Burke-Dee also served as an arbitrator at the hospital by helping to resolve interpersonal issues in many departments.
Currently, LT Burke-Dee serves as the manager of the TCRHCC Intensive Care Unit. She has been the recipient of the Indian Health Service Director’s Award, the PHS Achievement Medal, a PHS Citation, and the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Vision Partners Scholarship.
RADM Robert Pittman Receives the 2006 Flag Officer Award
For significant contributions that foster the goals of the USPHS and enhancing pharmacy practice services and sustaining administrative services and processes which have proven invaluable to the Commission Corps.
Principal Pharmacy Consultant, RADM Robert Pittman, has worked incessantly to bring improvements and advancements to the Indian Health Service (IHS). His Public Health Service Commissioned Corps career spans over 20 years in which he has served as a staff pharmacist, Deputy Chief of Pharmacy Services, Senior Health Care Personnel Recruitment Specialist, and Deputy Branch Chief of the Peer Review Branch.
As Chief Pharmacy Officer, RADM Pittman’s responsibilities include providing performance improvement, risk management, cost containment, consultation, and collaboration services for the IHS Tribal and Urban components worldwide. RADM Pittman has also served on the IHS Strategic Planning Committee and as a member of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Drug Card – Tribal Issues Subcommittee. His involvement in Federal activities includes consulting for Global Fund Pharmaceutical related issues to the Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. State Department.
RADM Pittman recently received the George F. Archambault USPHS Career Achievement Award in Pharmacy which recognized his outstanding career achievements and commendable contributions to the pharmacy profession. RADM Pittman has also received two PHS Achievement Medals, two Commendation Medals, and the Surgeon General’s Exemplary Service Medal. His willingness to unswervingly serve his profession, his dedication to service, and his well-communicated, insightful counsel have proven invaluable to the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service.
CDR Carmen C. Clelland Receives the 2006 Senior Officer Award
For his efforts and dedication to the Hopi and Navajo people and surrounding communities for demonstrating outstanding performance and implementing positive change at the Hopi Health Care Center.
CDR Carmen C. Clelland serves as Director of Professional Services at the Hopi Health Care Center (HHCC) in Polacca, AZ. He is the head of seven departments at the HHCC. His responsibilities include maintaining professional competency for patient care, facilitating interdepartmental projects, and mediating on-site disputes.
CDR Clelland has played an integral role in guiding major initiatives at the HHCC. Implementing an electronic health record and establishing a new HHCC Finance Division are among his outstanding accomplishments. Introducing the electronic health record to HHCC required much planning and troubleshooting. CDR Clelland’s dedication to provide direction and prompt follow-up whenever needed helped ensure successful execution of the complex program.
The HHCC Finance Division has also been greatly impacted by CDR Clelland’s dedication. He enrolled in a Masters of Public Administration program in order to work more effectively with the Patient Billing and Patient Registration Departments. His work with the Finance Division has proven invaluable. CDR Clelland has demonstrated an exceptional ability to plan, develop, and manage healthcare systems which has greatly benefited the Hopi and Navajo patient population. Some of his previous awards include the PHS Achievement Medal, PHS Commendation Medal, and the Director’s Award for Equal Employment Opportunity.
LCDR Carol R. Vondall Receives 2006 Junior Officer Award
For significant contributions that foster the goals of the USPHS and enhancing pharmacy services and improving quality health care services at the Fort Peck Service Unit Sites (Poplar and Wolf Point, MT).
LCDR Carol R. Vondall currently works as a Clinical Pharmacist at Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Hospital where her responsibilities include drug utilization review and patient counseling. LCDR is a strong and dedicated leader who has demonstrated the ability to motivate and restore morale within her peers.
LCDR Vondall has served as Clinical Pharmacist, Senior Pharmacist, and participated in the Junior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program. In order to advance her skills as a Clinical Pharmacist she recently completed a Pharmacy Practice Residency at the Albuquerque Indian Health Center. As a resident, LCDR Vondall developed hypertension and lipid pharmacy based clinics, celebrated Pharmacy Month by promoting pharmacy services to all health center departments, and volunteered to administer vaccinations for the influenza immunization clinics.
In her various professional roles, LCDR Vondall started the first Pharmacy Vaccination/Immunization Pharmacy Service in her practice setting, and she wrote the first Billings Service Area Policy and Protocol for Pharmacist Prescribing of Vaccinations. She was also responsible for reinstituting pharmacy patient counseling and redeveloping pharmacy services delivery, which maximized service delivery time at the Fort Peck Service Unit Sites.
Last fall, LCDR Vondall displayed her constant dedication to community and national service when she was deployed to Meridian, MS, to serve the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Her previous awards include the PHS Achievement Medal, Basic Officer Training Course Ribbon, Independent Officer Training Course Ribbon, and the Commissioned Officers Association of the USPHS Ribbon.
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