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2009 Assimilation Board
Deadline Dates: Applications must be postmarked before 31 August
and Received by 4 September 2009
The Acting Surgeon General has determined that the 2009 Assimilation Board will be convened in late September 2009. In response, the Office of Commissioned Corps Operations began accepting applications for assimilation on 17 July. All applications from eligible officers postmarked before 31 August and received by 4 September 2009 will be accepted for review by this board. Note that applications previously received and accepted that have not been reviewed by three boards are still viable applications. These applications will also be sent to the 2009 Assimilation Board (i.e., if: 1) you have submitted an application and it has not gone before three boards already; and 2) you did not receive a ‘Not Recommend’ from the 2008 Assimilation Board, you do not need to re-apply).

Although, officers with 2 years of service at the time of application are eligible to apply, applications from these officers will not go before a board until the officer has 3 years of service as of 31 March of the Assimilation Year (AY). The usual administrative requirements regarding adverse actions, Commissioned Officers’ Effectiveness Reports (COERs), medical, licensure, readiness, et al, will apply. Officers of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service are referred to the Commissioned Corps Issuance System (http://dcp.psc.gov) for Commissioned Corps Instructions (CCI) 324.01, CCI 324.03, and Personnel Operations Memorandum 09-001 for information regarding policy and procedures.

Officers should direct questions in this regard to their Commissioned Corps Liaison, Chief Professional Officer, or Professional Advisory Committee Chairs.
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