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Official Information on the 2010 COER is Available on the CCMIS Web Site
Updated information on the 2010 Commissioned Officers’ Effectiveness Report (COER) is available at the Commissioned Corps Management Information System (CCMIS) Web site: . Please refer to the material available at this Web site for any questions regarding the COER system. Users are encouraged to access the continually updated material at this Web site. Recent 2010 COER posts include the Memorandum from the Assistant Secretary for Health on the launch of the COER, the Personnel Operations Memorandum, an Overview of the COER with tips, and video clips and screen images tutorials for the officer, rater, and reviewing official.

Historically, COER ratings were biased toward perfect scores, making it difficult to identify development needs and to measure improvement for officers of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service (Corps). To achieve and maintain objective ratings, responsibility lies with officers, raters and reviewing officials at all levels and ranks, and across categories and organizations.

The 2010 COER instrument scales provide guidance on assigning scores for an objective rating of the officer. The raters must provide comments to support rating scores. The resources provided iterate that the COER should accurately reflect performance based on an officer’s duties and accomplishments. Abilities and areas needing improvement should be identified to enhance development and measure performance.

For career and professional development, it is critical that scores accurately reflect performance and identify areas for improvement. Raters should use the full 1-7 scale to ensure that inflated scores cease. A score of "7" must be clearly justified to be useful in guiding officer development. Rated officers should not anticipate all “7”s.

The intent of the 2010 COER business process is to minimize inflation of the scores and to obtain a more fair and objective evaluation. The 2010 COER system is initiated by the officer, sent to the rater, and released for initial review to the reviewing official. This allows for dialogue between the rater and reviewing official before the officer’s final review/signature and before the reviewing official’s final review/signature.

Please contact CAPT Christine Benally in the Office of Commissioned Corps Force Management at or 240-453-6089 for questions.
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