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Call for Nominations - Environmental Health Officer PAC
Deadline Date: 28 August 2009
The Environmental Health Officer Professional Advisory Committee (EHOPAC) is currently seeking motivated Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service (Corps) who are interested in serving as members of this committee. The EHOPAC provides advice and consultation to the Chief Environmental Health Officer and the EHO category on matters relating to professional activities and personnel issues affecting Environmental Health Officers. Members represent a diverse cross-section of Corps officers within the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Operating Divisions (OPDIVS)/Staff Divisions (STAFFDIV), and non HHS organizations to which Corps officers are assigned.

The EHOPAC is currently accepting nominations for membership for 2010. Members are elected for a 3-year term and may serve a maximum of two terms. The election for new members will be conducted at the fall 2009 EHOPAC meeting. The Chief EHO will recommend successful candidates to the Surgeon General for appointment with the concurrence of the direct supervisors and OPDIVS/STAFFDIV and non-HHS organization representatives. In the past, the EHOPAC has met in person four times per year and travel to the meetings was expected. The PAC is currently considering a change in the meeting structure to include shorter, more frequent meetings which could be attended by teleconference. However, travel would still be required for some meetings. Regular participation in the meetings is expected and members are expected to actively chair a minimum of one subcommittee during the term of service.

Openings will be available for members representing the Indian Health Service (IHS) (2 vacancies), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (1 vacancy), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (1 vacancy). Beginning with this election cycle, the EHOPAC is utilizing a revised self-nomination form. All officers will need to submit the new form with their supervisor’s endorsement, regardless of whether they previously submitted a form within the past 3 years. Additionally, all officers must submit their current curriculum vitae (CV) in order to be considered.

The endorsed nomination form and electronic CV must be sent via email (preferred), postmarked or faxed no later than 28 August 2009. Individuals should submit the complete nomination package to:

LCDR Sarah Unthank, USPHS
Membership Subcommittee Chair
United States Coast Guard
MLCPAC Health and Safety Division
1301 Clay Street, Suite 100N
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-637-1243; Fax: 510-637-1264
Email: Sarah.E.Unthank@uscg.mil  

Deadline Date: 28 August 2009
The EHOPAC routinely has openings for membership allocated to both agencies/programs and at-large representation. Membership to the EHOPAC will be in accordance with the EHOPAC Charter membership guidelines which include: representation from the field and headquarters locations; gender; civil service and Commissioned Corps. If you are interested in serving on the EHOPAC, please complete this self-nomination form and submit it to the Membership Subcommittee Chair along with a current curriculum vitae (CV) and a separate statement of interest and qualifications to the address at the bottom of this form. Submitting this form does not guarantee a seat on the EHOPAC. Your supervisor’s endorsement and program manager’s approval indicate support of your nomination to participate and attend EHOPAC meetings and activities of the EHOPAC. You may fax or mail the form, but PLEASE SUBMIT CV ELECTRONICALLY.


Name: __________________________________________________________
Work Address: ____________________________________________________
Email Address: _____________________________ FAX Number:____________

Work Phone: _________________Home Phone: _____________

Rank (Commissioned Corps): _______________Grade (Civil Service):___________

Supervisor’s Name: _______________________________Telephone: __________

Supervisor’s Endorsement (signature): ___________________________________________________________

Date of Endorsement: ________________________________________

Program Manager’s Endorsement (signature): ___________________________________________________________

Date of Endorsement: _______________________________________

The following information is used in filling vacancies under the EHOPAC Charter:

Agency/Program: __________________________________________________________________

If not selected for EHOPAC membership, I am interested in serving on the following standing subcommittees:

__Career Development __Charter and By Laws __Emergency Services
__History __Information Technology __Membership
__Orientation and Mentoring __Recruitment __Professional Image


LCDR Sarah Unthank, USPHS
Membership Subcommittee Chair
United States Coast Guard
1301 Clay Street, Suite 100N Oakland, CA 94612-1250
(510) 637-1243 Fax (510) 637-1264
Email: Sarah.e.unthank@uscg.mil
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