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Electronic Commissioned Corps Issuance System - Updates

Web site: http://dcp.psc.gov/eccis

The electronic Commissioned Corps Issuance System (eCCIS) is available at http://dcp.psc.gov/eccis/. Policies coming up for review or are under review and development are listed on the first page of that site. Officers of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service (Corps) are encouraged to provide their Chief Professional Officers (CPOs), Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) chairs, and/or their Surgeon General’s Policy Advisory Council (SGPAC) representatives with their recommendations for changes to existing policies or proposals for new policies. Policies are posted to the Web site http://dcp.psc.gov/eccis/ when signed by the Assistant Secretary for Health (ASH) or the Secretary.

Appointment Standards Being Revised

A Working Integrated Project Team (WIPT) finalized review of the general and category specific appointment standards, and forwarded their recommendations to the Oversight Integrated Project Team (OIPT) for review and comments.

Leave Policies Being Revised

A WIPT has been convened to address the leave policies of the Corps and meetings are being held. 

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