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Corps Officers Staff Medical Tents at 4th of July Celebration in Washington, DC
On 4 July 2006, a group of 25 officers of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service (Corps), under the leadership of CAPT Angela Martinelli and CDR Paul Anderson, staffed six medical tents on the National Mall from 9 a.m. until the crowds dispersed that evening. Dr. William Rogers, Operational Medical Director for the National Park Service, credited the expertise of the Corps clinicians for the low number for transports to local hospitals. Thank you to the officers who staffed the medical tents:
CAPT Angela Martinelli
CAPT Katherine Matrakas
CAPT Margaret McDowell
CAPT Florentino Merced-Galindez
CAPT Evangelina Montoya
CAPT Mary Purucker
CAPT Ellen Sidransky
CAPT Theresa Watkins-Bryant
CDR Lara Akinbami
CDR Paul Anderson
CDR Adolph Andre
CDR Lucila Canete
CDR Renee Joskow
CDR Rafel Rieves
LCDR Anna Bryant
LCDR Shari Campbell
LCDR Linda Ellison-Dejewski
LCDR April Kidd
LCDR Doris Wurah
LT Tamika Allen
LT Tammie Brent
LT Pauline Karikari-Martin
LT Andrei Nabakowski
LT Christina Thompson
LTJG Christopher Egelebo
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