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Division of Commissioned Corps Officer Support (DCCOS)
Travel and Transportation Reminder:
CCMIS Travel and Transportation Information Center
Please be aware the Commissioned Corps Management Information System (CCMIS) Web site (http://dcp.psc.gov) contains a Travel and Transportation Information Center located under the ‘Services’ tab. The Travel and Transportation Information Center contains important information concerning permanent change of station (PCS) and temporary duty (TDY) travel.

Officers should use the Travel and Transportation Information Center for basic initial questions related to their travel. It provides information such as travel allowances, links to official travel forms, Joint Federal Travel Regulations (which govern all uniform service members’ travel), and a frequently asked question and answer section.

Also included under the PCS section is a newly redesigned page on household goods (HHG) transportation. Basic instructions are now included along with the list of all current Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Operating Division, Staff Division, and non-HHS organization shipping officer contact information. You can also find updated information related to temporary storage and a new section on Professional Books, Papers, and Equipment among other items.

Officers may also use the Corps’ e-mail address for travel and transportation questions at phstravel@hhs.gov.
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