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Since August 1987, officers have been kept informed of the policies, operations, and support services of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service through the monthly Commissioned Corps Bulletin. Since it is our desire to make sure that officers’ information needs are met in the most timely manner possible, we have moved forward using the capabilities of the Internet. In mid-May 2005, the Commissioned Corps E-Bulletin was launched.


The E-Bulletin uses an e-mail notification method containing the indexed front page for each issue when it is released. Items of high importance result in an interim e-mail message being sent to subscribers. Instructions for adding or removing e-mail addresses to the list are available at http://list.nih.gov/archives/ccbulletin.html.

All issues are available via a direct link on the Commissioned Corps Management Information System Web site at http://dcp.psc.gov . This link will take you to the E-Bulletin portion of the Web site.

Retired Officers

Retired officers are encouraged to access the E-Bulletin, and those retired officers who wish to receive E-Bulletin e-mail notifications may subscribe at http://list.nih.gov/archives/ccbulletin.html.  


Submission of Articles

Internal Note: Please submit all articles to LCDR James Lyons at James.Lyons@hhs.gov by the 15th day of the preceding month.





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