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Electronic Health Information - Update
Effective 7 July 2008, active duty officers of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service (Corps) will have access to view online the immunizations data they submitted to the Medical Affairs Branch (MAB). This information has been collected, verified, and electronically entered into MAB's database and will be utilized as the sole source of information to determine numerous components of medical readiness, promotion eligibility, etc. in the near future.

Corps officers, please review your information when it becomes available and make sure MAB has captured all of your (required and deployment) immunizations information. Originally, only those immunizations required for basic readiness were entered into the system. Now MAB captures all immunizations data electronically.

If you find that something is missing or that you have additional information that has not been submitted, please mail or fax the document to MAB and allow approximately 2 weeks from the date of receipt for the item to be collected, verified, and electronically entered. If you have any questions about the content of the immunizations portion of your electronic medical record, please feel free to contact Ms. Sally Bentsi-Enchill at 301-594-6746 or Mr. Samuel Bell at 301-594-5113.

MAB is working diligently towards fully electronic officer medical records and looks forward to offering this product in the future.
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