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Welcome to the official website of the Junior Officer Advisory Group (JOAG); a website dedicated to the Junior Officers of the United States Public Health Service.

Any junior officer at the rank of LCDR/O4 and below who participates in the JOAG meetings and serves on one of JOAG's committees or workgroups is considered an active participant of the JOAG. There is no formal process for becoming a general member.  If you are interested in leadership opportunities in JOAG please look here.

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In addition to participating in our meetings and committees we also want to encourage you to join our Listserv, as this is the primary way we communicate with our fellow junior officers. To view the JOAG Listserv welcome letter click here [PDF - 54KB]

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2015-2020 Strategic Plan for the USPHS JOAG posted

The Strategic Plan provides JOAG with both broad and specific goals and objectives. This document provides a plan to guide JOAG into the future. The plan is not intended to be static, but meant to be fluid. By remaining fluid we intend to provide junior officers with the information and tools necessary to meet our future head on.  Part one is a public-facing document and outlines our mission and goals.  Part two is an internal document housed within each committee and contains milestones and deliverables.

Mon, 20 Jul 2015 06:56:00 EST

June 12, 2015 JOAG General Meeting minutes

Fellow officers,

The JOAG General Meeting minutes have been posted.  Please click here to review them.

Fri, 10 Jul 2015 07:07:00 EST

Spring JOAG Journal

Junior Officers, 

Please find the Spring JOAG Journal attached.  Thanks for being patient, and a big thank you to the Communications and Publications Committee for putting it together. 

You can also find information about the call for articles for the summer edition below. 

LCDR Jessica L. Otto, MPH, REHS, HHS

Chair, Junior Officer Advisory Group (JOAG)


The JOAG Communications & Publications Committee is soliciting for articles to be featured in the Summer 2015 Edition of the JOAG Journal.  

The Communications and Publications committee is committed to exhibiting the exciting and exemplary work that you complete every day.  We encourage submissions from junior officers who have not previously authored articles  and  are excited to receive articles of broad interest that provide junior officers with insightful information that is valuable to their lives and careers. 

Our Journal has reoccurring Feature Columns that are written by members of other JOAG Committees and the articles submitted by YOU support the expansion of the journal.  We like to see articles that showcase: 

  • Work/OPDIV projects -e., standards or processes you developed or implemented
  • Deployment insight –lessons learned, teamwork
  • Volunteer project highlights -  Showcase community connections
  • 2015 Symposium Stories – Showcase activities from Atlanta
  • Networking 101 –ways to improve networking capabilities 


Article Submission Guidelines:

Please limit articles to 500 words maximum (a single page).  Use Microsoft Word (.doc or .dox) with Times New Roman and a 12-point font.  Be sure to test your embedded hyperlinks.

Submission of a high quality photo in .jpg format is also encouraged.  Please be advised that submitting photographs to the JOAG Journal means that you give consent for the JOAG Journal and JOAG to use these photos for JOAG-related events, publication, and other use as deemed appropriate by the JOAG Chair.   Also, please ensure that all officers in the photo are wearing their uniform in an appropriate manner. 

When emailing your article for submission please use the subject line: “JOAG Journal Article: Summer 2015”.  This will help us easily identify your submission.  All articles should be forwarded to:   Receipt of article submission will be provided via email no later than 72 hours. 

For additional submission information, please review the attached JOAG Journal Guidelines for Article Submissions carefully, as the criteria for submitting articles has changed.  

Draft articles are due by close of business on 15 July 2015. 

Thank you in advance!

For questions or concerns contact LT Daveta Bailey at 

JOAG Communications and Publications Committee 2014-2015

Fri, 26 Jun 2015 12:21:00 EST

New Get Fit - Stay Fit Published!

Click here to check out the latest edition of the Get Fit - Stay Fit newsletter on Core Strength!

Fri, 26 Jun 2015 07:22:00 EST

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