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>***Recently updated!*** Public Health Infrastructure Assessment Guide: A Guide for USPHS Engineer Officers (2017)

>Engineer Vacancy Listing (XLS) 11/9/17

>2017 EPAC Meeting Calendar is available. All our welcome to attend General EPAC Meetings!

>EPAC Spring 2017 Newsletter has been published!

>Updated EPAC Member Directory (PDF)

Mission of PHS Engineers

PHS engineers play a vital role in the overall PHS mission to protect and advance the health of the nation:

  • Provide sound engineering expertise in the support of specific agency objectives
  • Use engineering skills to safeguard the public and to research and identify solutions to the many health-related problems that face our nation
  • Remain on the cutting edge of engineering disciplines and technology as we face the health and environmental challenges of the future
  • Provide assistance directly to the American people in the form of professional consultation and the provision of health-related facilities

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