Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

American Indian Alaskan Native Commissioned Officer Advisory Committee


Our Executive Leadership serves on a one year term with elections held at the end of the year. Leaders are nominated and confirmed by membership vote. The duties and responsibilities to the committee are performed in conjunction with their normal job assignments.

2020 Elected Officers:

  • Chairman: LCDR Shannon Saltclah
  • Vice-Chairman: LCDR Amber Beardslee
  • Secretary: LCDR Verdaleen Denetdale
  • Treasurer: LCDR Kenneth Stearns

Subcommittee Chairs:

  • Awards - LCDR Schossow and LCDR June-Harvey
  • Bylaws/Charter - CDR Wasson
  • Communications - CDR Wato
  • Cultural Chair - CDR Hayes and CDR Cummins
  • Fundraising - CDR Beauvais and CDR Henson
  • Membership - CDR Freiberg and CDR Tagliaferri
  • Mentoring and Career Development: - CDR Frank and LCDR Davis
  • Community Outreach: - LCDR Lucero and LCDR Lucio
  • Recruitment & Retention¬†- LCDR Karsten Smith

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