Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group



The Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group will:

    1. Promote the professional and personal growth of African-American officers assigned throughout all PHS agencies and other programs. Actively foster mentorship by and for African-American officers, and networking by African-American and other minority members of the professional disciplines. Also participate in and evaluate mentor programs involving African-American commissioned officers.
    2. Facilitate resolution of issues related to African-American commissioned officers' professional or career development.
    3. Assure that the achievements and accomplishments of African-American commissioned officers, past and present, are appropriately recognized (e.g. Award nominations) and recorded in PHS archives.
    4. Maintain linkage across professional disciplines and PHS components, offering advice and consultation to agency heads and operating programs on effective ways to significantly improve the health of African-American populations.
    5. Review and comment on policies, program descriptions, position papers, statistical reports, guidelines, other documents, personnel, professional practice matters impacting the health of African-Americans. Such matters may be referred to the BCAOG by the Surgeon General, Division of Commissioned Personnel, Operating Divisions, programs, workgroups, committees, or officers.
    6. Encourage individual membership in, and involvement with, professional and PHS Official organizations and societies to promote open communication with colleagues.
    7. Ensure representation on the MOLC to foster communication between BCOAG, other commissioned officer groups, and the Office of the Surgeon General.

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