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Improving Patient and Health System Outcomes through Advanced Pharmacy Practice

A Report to the US Surgeon General, 2011

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This comprehensive Report to the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin on current pharmacy practice has been reviewed and discussed collaboratively between U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Pharmacy leadership, the Office of the Surgeon General, and Dr. Benjamin throughout the past year. For the first time in our history, the U.S. Surgeon General was presented with a comprehensive evidence-based report on pharmacy practice. After reviewing the Report, Dr. Benjamin issued a signed letter of support.

The Report utilizes objective data to advance the discussion of how models of innovative care involving pharmacists can ultimately help alleviate demands on the health care system (access, safety, quality,
cost, provider shortages, etc.) and improve outcomes. The Report describes existing, accepted, and successful models of health care delivery and patient care using pharmacists as health care providers and essential members of the health care team.

This Report provides a thorough evidence-based discussion of the comprehensive patient care services that pharmacists currently provide. For nearly 50 years, federal pharmacists have been afforded the opportunity to practice collaboratively with physicians and other health care providers in expanded scopes delivering comprehensive disease management, health promotion, disease prevention, medication therapy management and other cognitive clinical services. The Report presents public and private sector models, and calls for health leadership and policy makers to support and implement existing, evidence-based and cost-effective pharmacist-delivered patient care models as the demands within our health care system escalate.

The Report is organized into four focus points of discussion:

Focus Point 1 discusses how pharmacists are already integrated in many practice settings as health care providers through collaborative practice with physicians or as an essential part of a health care team. The Report presents data that interprofessional support exists for this model of care.

Focus Points 2 and 3 make the case that for pharmacists to continue to improve patient and health care system outcomes as well as sustain various roles in the delivery of care, recognition as health care providers and compensation models reflective of the range of care provided are needed.

Focus Point 4 outlines a robust amount of evidence-based outcomes from pharmacist-delivered care, aligned with demands on the health care system such as access, prevention, quality and cost-effectiveness.

RADM Scott Giberson, Chief Professional Officer for PHS Pharmacists stated, �I firmly believe that one of the most evidence-based and cost-effective decisions we can make as a nation is to maximize the expertise and scope of pharmacists, and minimize expansion barriers to successful health care delivery models. It is the right thing to do for our patients.�

He added, �PHS Pharmacy has a responsibility to help advance the profession and provide resources to assist our pharmacists as they improve health care outcomes. I would like to personally thank pharmacy stakeholders nationwide for their partnerships and ongoing commitment to move the profession forward and improve the overall health care and wellness of the nation.�


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