Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Pharmacist Professional Advisory Committee


Days until Readiness Check:


pharmpac_logo.jpgPharmPAC Readiness Subcommittee

Purpose: To help all Commissioned Corps pharmacy officers become and remain Basic Ready.



Our Projects

Some highlighted projects for the PharmPAC Readiness Subcommittee’s past operational year


Check Readiness Status

Refer to the following document for instructions on how to check your readiness status.


Readiness Resources

Basic readiness checklist and other documents.

View Resources
duffel bag

Deployment Resources

Useful resources for deploying pharmacists.

View Resources


checklist iconBasic Readiness

Utilize RedDOG reports identifying pharmacy officers projected to be “not ready” at the next monthly readiness check. Notify officers from list, provide guidance documents, and be available to assist.


readinessCReW (Corps Readiness Workgroup)

Purpose: Participate in the readiness-related group organized through RedDOG.



deployment resourcesDeployment Skills and Readiness Rate Resources

Purpose: Periodically assesses online readiness resources on PharmPAC CCMIS webpage and from other CC readiness sources.


For questions related to Readiness, please contact one of the following:

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