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Annual Physical Fitness Test (APFT)

Self-Reporting of Annual Physical Fitness Test (APFT) results by using the "Physical Fitness" link in Direct Access

Per Commissioned Corps Personnel Operations Memorandum, POM 15-004, dated 14 May 2015, officers are NO LONGER REQUIRED to Fax or Mail APFT Form PHS-7044 to Medical Affairs. 

Upon completing the APFT, the officer and testing official must complete and sign Form PHS-7044, “APFT Readiness Standards Report Form.” The officer must enter the results in Direct Access.Effective immediately, officers should retain the Form PHS-7044 and are not required to submit the form to Medical Affairs. Any forms submitted to Medical Affairs will not be retained.

RedDOG uses the data reported by YOU in Direct Access to determine if you satisfy all the Basic Readiness requirements during the Official and Projected Basic Readiness Checks.  We highly recommend that if you have recently updated your BLS or APFT information in Direct Access that you log back in to ensure your DA profile properly reflects your updates.  We have heard from several officers whose updates did not save the first time, and thus were found not to meet basic readiness standards.  

Annual Physical Fitness Basic Info

Presenation on the NEW Annual Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Effective 1 Jan 2016

PHS 7044 AFPT Form

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