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2009 Derek Dunn Memorial Senior Scientist Officer of the Year

CDR Mark M. Methner

2009 Mark MethnerCDR Methner is a Regular Corps Officer currently assigned to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Nanotechnology Search Center (NTRC). In this assignment, CDR Methner is serving as Field Research Team Leader where he and a team of multidisciplinary scientists identify potential sources of occupational exposure to engineered nano-scale materials, measure exposure, characterize processes involved in creating nanomaterials, and make recommendations on appropriate work practices and engineering control technologies to reduce/eliminate exposures. CDR Methner has developed the Nanoparticle Emission Assessment Technique (NEAT) to measure airborne emissions. Over the last 3 years, CDR Methner has completed 24 comprehensive exposure assessment studies using the NEAT in various workplaces either singly or as Team Leader. The NEAT has now been recognized as the cornerstone of the NIOSH document “Approaches to Safe Nanotechnology” and used by both national and international safety and health professionals. The NEAT has also been used as a benchmark air sampling method to gather occupational exposure data and influence policymaking decisions on recommended exposure limits. Recently, CDR Methner’s work has resulted in 5 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles (2007-2009). Over the past 2 years, CDR Methner has assisted in the creation of an instructional video and multiple Hands-On demonstrations of the NEAT instrumentation and methodology to more than 190 health and safety professionals.

CDR Methner earned his B.S in Marine Sciences (Marine Biology) from Stockton State College in 1985, his M.S. in Environmental Sciences (1988), and his Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences/Industrial Hygiene, from Rutgers University in 1992. CDR Methner is also a Certified Industrial Hygienist (Comprehensive Practice) as designated by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

CDR Methner has received the following awards: Senior Scientist of the year (2009); Young Scientist Of The Year (2007); Scientist Responder of the Year (2006); Junior Officer of the Year – All Categories (2006). CDR Methner is the recipient of more than 20 Letters of Recognition for outstanding service. In addition, CDR Methner has professionally contributed to the scientific field of industrial hygiene/occupational exposure assessment by way of ; 23 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles; 58 professional technical reports; 2 book chapters; 29 Presentations at Professional conferences. CDR Methner has served as a SciPAC Board Member for 2 Consecutive 3 year terms: 2003-2009) and has also served as the Chairman, SciPAC Mentoring Subcommittee (2004-Present). In his capacity as Chairman, CDR Methner has matched more than 75 officers with Mentors. Currently, CDR Methner serves as a Mentor to 6 Junior Officers.

At his duty station, CDR Methner has served for 2 Consecutive Terms as the Cincinnati Branch of the COA Executive Board as Recording Secretary (2004-2007) and has also served as Aide de Camp for Surgeon General VADM Carmona and Acting SG RADM Moritsugu (2003, 2005). CDR Methner has also administered the annual physical fitness test to 15 officers and has served as the Duty Station Local Uniform Inspector (2003-present).

CDR Methner has deployed for a total of 30 days (Hurricane Katrina [2005]; Wisconsin Floods [2008], has always exceeded Basic Readiness Standards and is currently serving as the Chief, Industrial Hygiene for APHT #2. CDR Methner is also designated by NIOSH and CDC Office of Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response (COTPER) as a First Responder.

2009 Junior Scientist Officer of the Year

LCDR Yi Zhang

2009 Yi ZhangLCDR Yi Zhang is a Bioequivalence Policy Team Leader in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office of Generic Drugs (OGD). Her team develops individual bioequivalence policy summaries for potential new generic drugs. A summary for each drug is posted as a separate Guidance in the Individual Products Bioequivalence Recommendations Guidance on the FDA website. Outstanding achievements of LCDR Zhang include: (1) overseeing the research process; (2) supervising preparation of the individual summaries and Guidances, and; (3) ensuring that advice to the industry is accurate and consistent. She designed a standardized, comprehensive template for the bioequivalence summaries. In addition, she developed and presented to all Division of Bioequivalence reviewers a formal training program about how to develop bioequivalence policy. LCDR Zhang promotes and supports USPHS Commissioned Corps (“CC”) mission and policies. She demonstrates her commitment to the mission of the USPHS CC to promote the public health by her dedication to the approval of safe and effective low-cost generic drugs for American consumers. She accomplished this throughout 2008 as a Bioequivalence Policy Team Leader, responsible for posting Guidance to Industry on how to optimally design generic drug bioequivalence programs.

2009 Scientist Responder of the Year

CDR Sara Newman  

2009 Sarah NewmanCDR Newman has served actively, proudly, and honorably as a member of the PHS Rapid Deployment Force-2 team. Her commitment and effective participation on the team has resulted in her being selected to a command staff role. CDR Newman’s contributions are vital to the RDF2 team which has the reputation as one of the most highly effective response teams in the Commissioned Corps.

In January of 2008, one year after serving in the Operations Section of the Preventive Medicine branch of the team, CDR Newman was selected to serve on the team’s Command Staff as the Deputy Public Information Officer and Liaison. CDR Newman attends RDF team meetings and training sessions every month to maximize her preparedness. In addition, she provided training for the PHS 1 and PHS2 Rapid Deployment Force team meetings in Operational Risk Management in February 2008, providing critical decision making tools for mission success.

From August 29-September 11, CDR Newman deployed with the RDF-2 team to Louisiana in response to Hurricane Gustav. She served with the 86 member team to set up the first-ever RDF managed Federal Medical Station (FMS) and provided medical support to special needs patients evacuated during Hurricane Gustav. Following the highly challenging deployment, CDR Newman was recognized by her team for her “superb leadership, flexibility, and experienced guidance that directly led to a successful deployment.” CDR Newman was awarded the Achievement Medal for her outstanding efforts during the deployment.

In December of 2008, the RDF2 team commander asked CDR Newman to take on an additional team role and serve as RDF-2 Recruitment Coordinator. In addition to her response work with the Commissioned Corps, CDR Newman was asked by the Department of Interior to serve as the National Park Service Safety Officer for the Eagle Horizon 2008 exercise on May 6-7, 2008 in which she provided another level of response support for the federal government.

Even while serving on one of the most demanding response teams in the Corps and taking on increased leadership responsibility with the team, CDR Newman dedicated great energy and time to her peer serving as Chair of the Scientist PAC. CDR Newman leads others through example, having always achieved the highest fitness level, maintaining a level of basic readiness and demonstrating leadership by taking on assignments, whether major or trivial, with great pride.

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