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Scientist Mentor of the Year Award

The Scientist Professional Advisory Committee (SciPAC) established the Scientist Mentor of the Year Award in 2015 to recognize Commissioned Officers in the Scientist Category who provided exceptional mentorship to others in the field of public health. Service as a mentor to U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Officers and members of other Uniformed Services and to civilians has significantly contributed to the health of the Nation and the mission of the USPHS by fostering the growth and development of individuals in the public health field. The Mentor of the Year Awardee is an exemplary display of the Commissioned Corps Core values of Leadership, Service, Integrity, and Excellence.

Call for Nominations

Nominations typically occur in the spring of each year for accomplishments during the most recent fiscal year (1 Oct through 30 Sep) and applications will be due 3-4 weeks after the announcement. In order to accurately reflect the contributions and efforts on the part of the mentoring officer, only nominations from mentored PHS Officers, members of other services and civilians will be accepted. The Scientist Officer selected for this distinguished award will be awarded a plaque at the USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium during the Scientist Officer Category Day Luncheon.

Criteria upon which this award is based include:

  • Scope of the mentoring relationship
  • Impact of the mentoring relationship
  • Duration and frequency of the mentoring relationship

Award Recipients 2015 - Present

Biographies of past Scientist Mentor of the Year award recipients can be viewed by clicking on the officer’s name in the table below.

Officer Agency  Year   
CAPT Sara Newman    NPS 2015
CDR James Kenney FDA 2016
CDR Robin Toblin DOD 2017
CAPT Mark Clayton DOD 2018
CDR Anne Purfield CDC 2019

CDC: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
NPS: National Park Service
FDA: Food and Drug Administration 
DOD: Department of Defense

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