Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Therapist Professional Advisory Committee


TPAC Voting Members
Member* OPDIV Discipline Term Ends Local
CDR Tracy Gualandi, Chair BOP PT 6/30/2019**  
LCDR Selena Bobula, Secretary DOD PT 6/30/2019  
LCDR Charles Rainey BOP PT 6/30/2021  
CDR Gwendoyln Hall BOP PT 6/30/2021**  
LCDR Kathryn Jacques IHS PT 6/30/2021  
CDR Stanley Bennett BOP OT 6/30/2021  
CAPT Francine Barnett OS OT 6/30/2020**  
CDR David Engelman BOP PT 6/30/2020  
CDR Tami Bonebrake IHS PT 6/30/2019  
CDR Christina Eaker BOP OT 6/30/2021**  
CDR Catherine Davies DOD SLP 6/30/2019

LCDR Michael Krok DOD PT 6/30/2021


CDR Scott Labreque CMS PT 6/30/2019

CDR Molly Rutledge IHS SLP 6/30/2019
*Rank of LT, LCDR, CDR, CAPT, RADM indicates a Commissioned Officer
**Indicates End of Member's Second Term

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