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New Commissioned Corps Transformation Positions Announced
Deadline Date: 17 July 2006
ADM John Agwunobi, the Assistant Secretary for Health, and VADM Richard Carmona, the Surgeon General, are announcing the creation of 12 new positions for designing and implementing important elements for transformation of the force management of the Commissioned Corps. These positions will be located in the Office of Commissioned Corps Force Management (OCCFM) and the Office of Commissioned Corps Operations (OCCO).
Earlier this year, interagency work groups recommended new policies for a wide range of force management issues that affect all aspects of an officer’s recruitment, assignment, readiness and response, and career development. The work groups were appointed to amplify the transformation decisions made by the Secretary and announced in January 2006. Now these policy decisions and work group recommendations need to be further refined and converted into personnel policies, operations and procedures, and information systems that can sustain a re-energized Corps to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Ten of the new positions will be located in OCCO and two in OCCFM. All 12 will participate in a multi-disciplinary team devoted to implementing transformation objectives. Specifically, the positions will focus individually on recruitment, functional grouping of officers, officer profiles, billets, the billet system, training, career development, an officer selection system, isolated/hardship assignments, position classification, force management planning, and Corps information systems. These positions for senior Commissioned Corps officers are now officially announced and will remain open for applications for 3 weeks.
Officers interested in applying for these positions may send their curriculum vitae/résumé electronically to the OCCOHelpdesk@hhs.gov or by mail to Office of Commissioned Corps Operations, 1101 Wootton Parkway, Suite PL100, Rockville, Maryland 20852, ATTN: Transformation Positions. The application period will end as of close of business (EDST) on Monday, 17 July 2006.
These are exciting times that will affect all aspects of Corps life. If you are interested in helping guide the Corps’ future, carefully review the billet descriptions and qualification statements on-line and make your decision about applying for one of these transformation positions.
List of the 12 transformation positions include:
Positions in OCCO are:
Transformation Operations Officer – Functional Groups (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Position Classification (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Billets (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Billet Systems (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Isolated Hardship Assignments (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Recruitment (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Officer Selection Systems (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Training Systems (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Career Development (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Operations Officer – Officer Profile (Non-Supervisory)
Positions in OCCFM are:
Transformation Officer - Information Systems Policy Analyst (Non-Supervisory)
Transformation Officer –Force Management Planning Analyst (Non-Supervisory)
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