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 Volume II, No. 10 Commissioned Corps E-Bulletin July 20, 2006
Office of the Surgeon General

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Red Arrow  Results of the Spring 2006 Customer Service Satisfaction SurveyNew
An important part of the Transformation of the Commissioned Corps is our pursuit of both policy and operational changes designed to better support and enhance your career as an officer.... see full story
Red Arrow  Electronic Commissioned Corps Issuance System (ECCIS) – Available Soon!New
The Commissioned Corps Personnel Manual (CCPM) was introduced on 1 October 1957 to supplement the Personnel Manual for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW).... see full story
Red Arrow  Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave
The Office of Commissioned Corps Operations (OCCO) is pleased to announce that the electronic Commissioned Officers Leave Tracking System (COLTS) has been updated to restore officers’ annual leave forfeited due to their direct or indirect involvement in the 2005 hurricane response and relief efforts... see full story
Red Arrow  Spring 2006 Flag Grade Billet Evaluation and Designation Is Completed
At least once per year, the ASH, through the Office of Commissioned Corps Force Management (OCCFM), shall review the approved flag officer billet list to ensure the needs of the Department and the Corps are met... see full story
Red Arrow  Three and Freeze - June 2006
On 18 December 2003, the “three and freeze” temporary promotion policy was implemented. That policy requires that an officer must be selected for competitive temporary grade promotion within three attempts or be frozen in grade for the remainder of his or her career... see full story

Red Arrow  Call for Nominations
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