Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Dietitian Professional Advisory Committee




To improve the knowledge and understanding of nutrition among officers in the USPHS


To ensure readiness through leadership in prevention of disease and promotion of health

Officers in the USPHS serve as ambassadors of health.  The Dietitian PAC Wellness Subcommittee strives to provide information to officers so that they can eat a healthful diet and promote healthy eating habits among all Americans.


  • Provides salient information on nutrition and wellness through the publication of articles in the Fit For Duty, Fit for Life column in the Commissioned Corps Bulletin
  • Development of an on-line weight management program that can be used by Corps officers wishing to lose or maintain their weight
  • Staffs booth at annual COF Symposium where information related to achieving and maintaining healthy weight, ¬†nutrition and physical activity is provided
  • Develops materials to disseminate to officers in the Commissioned Corps to foster wellness
  • Serves in advisory capacity on issues related to nutrition

Nutrition Related Articles

Wellness subcommittee members regularly contribute articles sharing the latest nutrition information and tips with Corps officers. These articles are typically found in the Fit for Duty, Fit for Life section of the Commissioned Corps eBulletin and in the Combined Category newsletter. All relevant nutrition articles are included here; an asterisk denotes articles written by a Registered Dietitian who is not a member of the PAC Wellness Subcommittee.

Federal Nutrition Resources

Wellness Subcommittee Chair

LT Kimberlea Gibbs

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