Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group


  1. Initial Term: The term of appointment for a member will be three (3) years and can be subdivided into one-year and two-year terms (up to a total period of six years). Nominations will be staggered so that approximately one-third of the members' terms will terminate annually. The BCOAG has established January 1 as the start of its operational year. Most apointments will become effective at the start of an operational year.
  2. Reappointment: Any member completing his/her term is eligible for reappointment for one additional three-year term. However, once a member has accumulated a total of six (6) years of service (consecutive or otherwise), he/she is not eligible for reappointment until three (3) years have elapsed.
  3. Alternates: All members appointed by the Surgeon General will recommend, in writing, to the chairperson, an alternate for themselves. One approved in writing by the chairperson, such alternates shall have voting privileges when serving in the place of a regular voting member. It will be the responsibility of the regular voting member to keep the alternate fully informed and knowledgeable of BCOAG activities.
  4. Attendance & Removal: Members of the BCOAG are expected to attend the majority of meeting in person or via teleconference. Any member with frequent unexplained absences can be asked to voluntarily resign. Alternatively, the BCOAG can initiate a request to the Surgeon General to terminate the member, inform their Agency Head and appoint a replacement.

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