Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Dental Professional Advisory Committee

Dental PAC

 Mission and Goals

The Dental Professional Advisory Committee (DePAC) provides advice and consultation to the Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service on issues related to professional practices and personnel activities of Civil Service and Commissioned Corps Dentists. The DePAC provides similar assistance to the USPHS Chief Dental Officer (CDO) and, upon request, to USPHS dental program directors. Members representing many of the USPHS agencies and operating divisions are selected each year, with 12 being the total number of voting members serving three-year terms. They are knowledgeable oral health professionals who represent the interests, concerns, and responsibilities of USPHS dentists. The major goals of the DePAC are to:

  • Identify and facilitate resolution of issues of concern as they relate to USPHS and the dental profession.
  • Assist in meeting USPHS personnel needs through recruitment, training, and appropriate use of USPHS dentists.
  • Develop position papers, statistical reports, and guidelines to advise on matters relating to personnel and professional issues.
  • Promote the development and utilization of oral health professionals by the USPHS and other Government programs.
  • Promote cooperation and communication among oral health professionals and other health professionals.
  • Promote all aspects of oral health throughout the agencies and programs of the USPHS.
  • Provide liaison among professional disciplines within and among USPHS components, and advice and consultation to the agency heads and operating programs upon requests.


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