Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Environmental Health Officer Professional Advisory Committee

The EHOPAC (PAC) is modernizing the way we communicate with you! We want to increase awareness regarding important PAC issues as well as provide you with easy access to current events and emerging opportunities to participate.

To do this, please check out our inaugural PAC Newsletter! The PAC will be publishing quarterly Newsletters that will focus specifically on information with direct application to you. We will also use this format to publish items discussed during our quarterly OPEN PAC meetings. If you are unable to call in for the meeting, please review the corresponding quarterly Newsletter for relevant information you missed.

Fall 2018

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1MB - 11 pages)

Summer 2018

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 2.08 MB - 17 pages)

Spring 2018

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1.9 MB - 15 pages)

Winter 2018

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1.9 MB - 17 pages)

Fall 2017

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1MB - 21 pages)

Summer 2017

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 3.58 MB - 33 pages)

Spring 2017

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1.5 MB - 27 pages)

Winter 2017

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1.2MB - 23 pages)

FallĀ 2016

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1.7MB - 16 pages)

Summer 2016

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1.8MB - 25 pages)

Spring 2016

EHOPAC Newsletter (PDF: 1.5MB - 14 pages)

EHOPAC Newsletter (accessible version) (PDF: 338KB - 8 pages) Included to provide equal information to those with disabilities. The next edition of the EHOPAC Newsletter will be provided as a single and fully functional accessible document. This accessible version is provided to meet both the letter and spirit of the law. Section 508, 1194.22(k)This link goes to an external website

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