Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Engineer Professional Advisory Committee

Panel #1 January 14, 2021 Recording (2hr 24mins) Slides Career Planning and Decision-Making: Various Tracks Towards Success
Panel #2 March 11, 2021 Recording (1hr 31mins) Slides Officer & Leadership Development
Panel #3 July 27, 2021 Recording (1hr 33mins) Slides Promotion Administration
Panel #4 November 18, 2021

Recording (1hr 40mins) 

Slides Developing Your Professional Network
Panel #5 June 16, 2022 Recording (1hr 27mins)  Slides Managing a Balanced PHS Career
Panel #6 November 17, 2022 Recording (1hr 31mins) Slides  Maximizing the Deployment Experience
Panel #7 May 25, 2023 Recording (1hr 34mins) Slides Change Management and Officer Resiliency

To join the planning team or request to be added to future CPO’s Council Senior Officer Panels please contact LCDR Mary Millner at

CPO's Council

2023 (Biographies)

  • CAPT Tara Bizjak, FDA
  • CAPT Jennifer Caparoso, EPA
  • CAPT Brad Cunningham, FDA
  • CAPT Nathan Epling, NPS
  • CAPT Kenneth Fitzgerald, IHS
  • CAPT Duane Hammond, CDC
  • CAPT Eric Hanssen, NIH
  • CAPT Tammy Midgley, ASPR
  • CAPT Jennifer Mosser, EPA
  • CAPT Kris Neset, NPS
  • CAPT Varsha Savalia, ASPR
  • CAPT Gretchen Tsosie, IHS
  • CAPT Edward Dieser, CDC – Ex Officio

2022 (Biographies)

  • CAPT Jennifer Caparoso, EPA
  • CAPT Martin Casey, CMS
  • CAPT Gretchen Cowman,
  • CAPT Kenneth Fitzgerald, IHS
  • CAPT Tracy Gilchrist, NPS
  • CAPT Duane Hammond, CDC
  • CAPT Jennifer Mosser, EPA
  • CAPT Varsha Savalia, ASPR
  • CAPT Steven Scherling, IHS
  • CAPT Josh Simms, FDA

    2021 (Biographies)

    • CAPT Steven Bosiljevac, NPS
    • CAPT Sean Boyd, FDA
    • CAPT Alex Dailey, IHS
    • CAPT Jill Hammond, FDA
    • CAPT David Harvey, IHS
    • CAPT Nazmul Hassan, FDA
    • CAPT Ramsey Hawasly, IHS
    • CAPT Stephen Martin, CDC
    • CAPT Mathew Martinson, EPA
    • CAPT Nelson Mix, EPA
    • CAPT Angela Mtungwa, IHS
    • CAPT Michael Stover, EPA
    • CAPT Nathan Tatum, NPS
    • CAPT Marjorie Wallace, SAMHSA
    • CAPT Charles Weir, OS
    • CAPT Shari Windt, HIS

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