Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service



Executive Directors
CAPT Elise Young
CAPT Michael Ahmadi

Executive Assistant
CDR Andrew Shiber

Performance Request Coordinator
CDR Luz Rivera

Group Leadership

 Washington, DC Choral Group

 CDR Iman Martin (Lead)
 LT Sarah Huntington (Deputy Lead for Music)
 Vacant (Deputy Lead for Operations)
 CAPT Esther (Nam) Chun; LCDR Sandy Chang (Co-Administrators)               

Washington, DC Ceremonial Band

 CDR Kelly Leong (Lead)
 CAPT Megan Startzell (Deputy)
 CDR Sophia Park (Administrator)

Washington, DC Brass Quintet

CAPT Bradley Cunningham (Lead)

Washington, DC String Chamber


Atlanta, GA Choral Group

 CDR David Shih (Lead)
 LCDR Folasade Kembi (Deputy)

Butner, NC Choral Group

 LT Micky Ha (Lead)
 CDR Katrina Redman (Deputy)

Dallas, TX Choral Group

 CDR Ericka Murray (Lead)
 CAPT Michelle E. Stephenson (Deputy)

Field Officer Choral Group

 CDR Keisha Resto (Lead)
 CDR James Begeman (Deputy)

Field Officer Ceremonial Band  LCDR Ann Sohn (Lead)
 CDR Kyle Sheffer (Deputy)

Committee Leadership

 Awards Committee  LCDR Stephanie Lim (Chair)
 LCDR J. Scott Vega (Deputy Chair)
 Communications Committee
 CDR Teisha Robertson (Chair)
 LCDR Joseph Allen (Co-Chair)
 Copyright (Ad hoc) Chair
 Speical Events Planning Committee  CAPT Kimberly Scott (Chair)
 LT Monica Geiger (Deputy Chair)
 Information Technology (IT) Committee  CDR Jian Le Ma (Chair)
 LCDR Andy Duong (Co-Chair)
 Membership Committee  LCDR Alexa Deptola (Chair)
 CDR Linda Park (Deputy Chair)
Resource Management Committee  CDR James Speckhart (Chair)
 Rules and Policy Committee  LCDR Eric Jamoom (Chair)
 CDR Camille Mitchell (Deputy Chair)

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