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The wide-ranging flexibility of the USPHS Ensemble allows for provision of the highest caliber musical support for various occasions at both appropriate uniformed service and civilian functions across the country. The USPHS Ensemble has performed at over 400 events including National WWII Memorial Concerts, Health and Human Services (HHS) Nights at the Ballpark, USPHS Commissioned Officer retirement ceremonies, Commissioned Officers Foundation (COF) Annual Training Symposia, and numerous prestigious award, promotion, retirement and change of command ceremonies. The USPHS Ensemble performances advance and inspire positive and long-lasting impressions of the U.S. Public Health Service and the United States of America. The Ensemble performances aid the Corps in attaining its mission and enhances the esprit-de-corps of the Service.

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Praise from past performances:

It was great to see you and your group at the ensemble performance. You guys did so well! It was definitely one of my favorites. In fact, I sat next to an officer who specifically said "music isn't my thing, so these things are kind of over my head." He literally ended up singing along and swaying in his seat the entire time! It just takes one ensemble concert and you're hooked. Can't wait for next year.

  •  CDR J. Steinert, USPHS

I greatly enjoyed the Ensemble performance at the Symposium. It was fun and authentic and achieved its camaraderie-building goal.

  •  CDR S. Vagi, USPHS

I saw the video recording of the USPHS March performance and loved it!  Will you be doing more virtual performances?

  • LT L. Ryder, USPHS

The concert was amazing! I am truly in awe of the musical talent within our Corps, and the dedication of our Officers to showcase this talent.

  • VADM J. Adams, USPHS

When I hear the USPHS Band and Choral Ensemble, I have been amazed at the perfection of the music that they play and sing.  Then I realized that this group is comprised strictly of volunteers.  It takes a ridiculous amount of dedication to not only sound “good,” but to also sound like a professional organization that has been together for years. 

  • CDR N. Thakur, USPHS

As always, the chorus was outstanding. And, I want say how much I appreciate your overall support of [the retirement ceremony], the level of professionalism and preparation, and how stellar your performance. You are indeed a jewel of the USPHS and proudly represent the Commissioned Corps. 

  •  LCDR S. Bennett, USPHS

We received such positive feedback and a lot of the guests told us how delighted they were to see the USPHS Choral Ensemble perform. Looking forward to working with you again during our next awards season.

  • G. Rodriguez, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The chorale contingent's rendition of Christmas carols were remarkable and truly enjoyed by those who are in attendance.  I commend the dedication and commitment of the members of the chorale ensemble who participated in this event.

  • CDR J. Rivero, USPHS

Out entire group, which included Dental Flag Officers from the Army, Navy, Air Force, USPHS, and Canadian Forces, was impressed by your professionalism and beautiful rendition. It was an inspirational way to start our workshop!

  • Col T. Schneid (Ret.), USAF

We were off the charts impressed with the Ensemble. I’m so proud of you and how well you represent the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Thank you, again!

  • RADM P. Schweitzer, Assistant Surgeon General

 Please extend my sincere thanks to the PHS Music Ensemble who did a spectacular job in singing the National Anthem at our HRSA for Vets Symposium! They truly enhanced our program with their melodic voices.

  • M. Tom

 I sincerely appreciate your time, service, and commitment to the Corps, and as volunteers in the Surgeon General’s Chorale Ensemble. Continue to do good work and provide us with joyful melodies to facilitate our work-life balance.

  • CAPT B. Dandridge, USPHS

 Your officers' willingness to participate at my retirement ceremony brought pride and honor to me and my family, as well as to the Academy and our Corps itself. Thank you all for being there and making it happen. Your service to PHS is most professional, necessary and commendable.

  • CAPT F. Behan (Ret.), USPHS

 It was a privilege to work with the ensemble. There is much promise, and I anticipate great things as the ensemble matures.

  • RADM K. Moritsugu, USPHS, Acting United States Surgeon General

All choir members sounded just wonderful and it really added to the ceremony.

  • J. Leitner

 The performance of “Aionia I mnimi” at the RADM Joseph Memorial Service was the perfect piece of music. I'm certainly most appreciative of the performance of all your music, as were all who were in attendance.

  • J. Despin

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