Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Hispanic Officer Advisory Committee


Awards and Recognition Subcommittee

Chair: LCDR Denise Duran -
Co-Chair: LT Adelaida Rosario -

  • Solicit nominations for the Juan Carlos Finlay Award
  • Select awardees, prepare letters, order award plaques in time for presentation at the USPHS Scientific Symposium
  • Develop certificates of appreciation to give at year's end to acknowledge efforts made by HOAC members
  • Assists the Chair in preparation of the Special Assignment Awards

Charter and Bylaws Subcommittee

Chair: LCDR Matthew Lozier - 
Co-Chair: CAPT Wanda Gonzalez -

  • Revise to mirror and align standardized format used by MOLC
  • Ensure committee practices are in line with charter & by laws
  • Forward changes to the HOAC Charter and by laws to the Surgeon General for final approval

Communications and Public Relations Subcommittee

Chair: CDR Elizabeth Garza -
Co-Chair: CDR Maria de Arman - 

  • Update and improve HOAC website periodically
  • Promote HOAC through HOAC’s website and periodic social media postings (Facebook)
  • Release a biannual newsletter that showcases HOAC activities

Deployment Subcommittee 

Chair: LCDR Paula Arango -
Co-Chair: LCDR Melissa Parra -

  • Develop and maintain a HOAC readiness roster of officers
  • Offer monthly HOAC ‘Deployment Spotlights’ to showcase various deployment opportunities and lessons learned
  • Implement language proficiency testing standards to be used by DCCPR/RedDOG
  • Support National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care
  • Launch first-ever HOAC community outreach event during Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Disseminate and analyze Unaccompanied Minor survey to assess language proficiency and cultural competency
  • Lead Ebola Response Needs Assessment and AAR for HOAC (also have reached out to MOLC/CMAGs)
  • Launch a HOAC Spanish language practice program
  • Launch Quarterly “Despliegue” Newsletter to provide resources to support officer development in cultural competence, language skills, and personal readiness all skills needed during deployments that require Spanish language and Hispanic cultural competence

Outreach and Education Subcommittee

Chair: LCDR Abraham Marrero -
Co-Chair: CAPT Wanda Gonzalez -

  • Work on Hispanic Heritage Month: identify possible activities to reach out to the Hispanic Community or to showcase the positive impact of PHS on Hispanic Health, or the accomplishments of HOAC members
  • Opportunities at Health Fairs to educate the community
  • Maintain list of involvements in these activities by HOAC members
  • Provide guidance and support to all HOAC members in career development.
  • Monitor issues and concerns in career development/advancement

Nomination and Membership Subcommittee

Chair: LDCR Jackeline Rodriguez -
Co-Chair: LCDR Ramses Diaz-Vargas -

  • Coordinate all activities related to the solicitation, nomination, and selection of voting members to HOAC.
  • Prepare membership packets for nominated voting members and complete selection process by October 30th.
  • Collaborate with HOAC’s Secretary to maintain a current HOAC membership roster and appointment terms.
  • Ensure newly elected voting members receive their OSG Appointment Letters.

Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee

Chair: CDR Matthew Rodriguez -
Co-Chair: LCDR “Jeff” Peng Zhou -

  • Develop recruitment material targeting universities with predominantly Hispanic populations, Hispanic student organizations within large universities, and Hispanic professional organizations
  • Contact universities and provide materials to educate young professionals about PHS
  • Identify recruitment opportunities and keep track of services provided
  • Work with MOLC workgroup on minority recruitment and retention

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