Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

2019 HSPAC Readiness Subcommittee

The HSPAC Readiness subcommittee serves as the primary resource for all things related to Basic Readiness of Health Services Officers (HSOs). The goal of the subcommittee is to proactively ensure that officers have the necessary resources and knowledge base to maintain a basic-level of readiness.

Subcommittee Charge

  • Serves as primary source of information on HSO specialties and deployment roles within the USPHS Readiness and Deployment Branch (RDB)
  • Represent HSOs, with input from discipline representatives, regarding RDB policies
  • Disseminate timeline Readiness information/updates through the Readiness Biweekly Newsletter
  • Assist and encourage HSOs to meet all requirements to successfully achieve a basic-level of readiness
  • Maintain and update HSPAC Readiness Webpage
  • Initiate other projects as assigned by the HSPAC Chief Professional Officer (CPO) and/or PAC Chair


Committee Name Agency Work Phone
Chair LCDR Nicole Bell FDA 301.796.1308
Co-Chair LCDR Thomas Maruna FDA 240.402.8454
Executive Secretary LCDR Diane Richardson FDA 301.796.2864
   Education/ Lecture Series Team 
      Lead CDR Gabriela Ramirez-Leon HHS 202.809.0717
      Co-Lead LCDR Sheila Houghton-Antonucci DOD 412.889.0994
   Readiness Newsletter Team
      Lead LCDR Julie Clement DOD 703.681.0075
      Co-Lead LT Stephanie Hodges BOP 512.321.3903 x4286
   Readiness Website Team
      Lead CDR David Schwab FDA 301.796.1788
      Basic Readiness Pages CDR Kimberley Ricketts HHS 202.805.3457
   Policy and Procedures Team
      Lead LCDR Renee Cannon ICE 202.732.3697
      Co-Lead LCDR Khadar Diria FDA 240.402.0094
   Advanced Readiness Team
      Lead CDR Mark Agnello FDA 707.301.7790
      Co-Lead CAPT Darrlyn Cornelius-Averhart CDC 770.488.1235
   Basic Readiness Team
      Lead CDR Chad Thompson FDA 816-426-6555
      Co-Lead CDR John Diehl FDA 214.256.5288
   Special Assignments
      Lead CAPT Scott Conner CMS 240-453-6073
      Co-Lead LT Kimberly Bissohong FDA 301.796.5350

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