Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Pharmacist Professional Advisory Committee


PharmPAC Members


To promote the interests of the USPHS pharmacist category, by delivering information through a variety of media.

Website Activity

Purpose: Disseminate category-specific information of interest to USPHS pharmacists and other individuals as appropriate.

Listserv Activity

Purpose: Disseminate information originating from the PharmPAC to pharmacy students, USPHS pharmacists and other individuals as appropriate.

Public Health Activity

Purpose: To increase the awareness of the location and information on the website, and to address national public health issues as they relate to pharmacy.

Events and Meeting Activity

Purpose: Provide a calendar of events regarding professional meetings and USPHS activities.

PLANT (Pharmacists Learning and Networking Together) Activity

Purpose: To collect and post personal abstracts of pharmacists who wish to share what they do as pharmacists in the Department of Health and Human Services / PHS.

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