Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Junior Officer Advisory Group

Past JOAG Chair/Vice-Chair

Year Chair Vice-Chair
2021-2022 LCDR Stephanie Mros LCDR Shamika Brooks
2020-2021 LCDR Beth Wittry LCDR Laura Annetta
2019-2020 CDR Mutiu Okanlawon CDR Tori Welker
2018-2019 LCDR Christopher Sheehan LCDR Lindsay Hatch
2017-2018 LCDR Mekeshia Bates LCDR Lindsay Hatch
2016-2017 LCDR Samantha Spindel LCDR Kristie Purdy
2015-2016 LCDR Elizabeth Garza LCDR Cara Halldin
2014-2015 LCDR Jessica Otto LCDR Robert Kosko
2013-2014 LCDR Racquel Williams LCDR Tina Walther
2012-2013 LT Tracy Tilghman LCDR Eva McLanahan
2011-2012 LCDR Damon Smith LCDR Brett Maycock
2010-2011 LCDR Carlos Bell LCDR Yvette Waples
2009-2010 LCDR Diem-Kieu Ngo LCDR Blakeley Denkinger
2008-2009 LCDR Maleeka Glover LCDR Dien-Kieu Ngo
2007-2008 LCDR Claudine Samanic LCDR Thomas Pryor
2006-2007 LCDR Thomas Pryor LCDR Claudine Samanic
2005-2006 LCDR Claudine Samanic LCDR Thomas Pryor
2004-2005 LT Michelle Colledge LCDR Claudine Samanic
2003-2004 LCDR Jeffrey Salvon-Harman LCDR Nelson Adekoya
2001-2003 LCDR Michelle Jordan LT Jacqueline Rodriguez

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