Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Junior Officer Advisory Group

Leadership Roster

2022-2023 JOAG Executive Committee

Executive Committee Role Officer Category Agency/OPDIV Email
Chair LCDR Mouhamed Halwani HSO FDA
Chair-Elect LCDR Michael Wandersee Engineer DOI
Vice Chair LCDR Ubong Akpan Pharm DOD
Co-Secretary LCDR Michelle Lin SCI CDC
Co-Secretary LT Colin Tack Engineer FDA
Operation Liaison LCDR Jackeline Rodriguez Nurse CMS

JOAG Senior Advisor: CAPT David Lau (Bio)

2022-2023 JOAG Committee Chairs

JOAG Committees Chair Category Agency/OPDIV
Awards LCDR Rachel McBride (Bio) DIET HHS
LCDR Fengyee Zhou (Bio) PHARM USCG
Communications & Publications LCDR Stephanie Chiang (Bio) HSO CMS
  LCDR Ogochukwu Ogoegbunam (Bio) PHARM FDA
Membership LCDR Colin Smith (Bio) MED IHS
  LCDR Laura McCluney (Bio) PHARM IHS
Outreach LCDR Kaveh Kayvani (Bio) DENT IHS
LCDR Sandra Carpio (Bio) EHO ASPR
Policy & Procedures LCDR Michael Wandersee (Bio) ENG USFWS
Professional Development LCDR Tabitha Dillinger (Bio) PHARM IHS
LCDR Delice Echols (Bio) HSO DHS
Public Health & Uniformed Service LCDR Kodilichi Echeozo (Bio) PHARM FDA
LCDR Sarah Whittington (Bio) EHO EPA
Readiness & Deployment  LCDR John-Martin Jackson (Bio) HSO FDA
LT John Rossow (Bio) VET CDC
Recruitment & Retention LCDR Adam Loyson (Bio) PHARM BOP
  LCDR Joshua Caulder (Bio) THER BOP

2022-2023 JOAG Liaisons

Officer Category Agency/OPDIV
Dentist Liaison LCDR Kaveh Kayvani (Bio) DENT IHS
Dietitian Liaison LT Rachel McBride (Bio) DIET HHS
Engineer Liaison LCDR Michael Wandersee (Bio) ENG FWS
Environmental Health Officer Liaison LCDR Sandra Carpio (Bio) EHO CDC
Health Services Liaison LCDR Delice Echols (Bio) HSO DHS
Nurse Liaison LCDR Jackeline Rodriquez (Bio) NURSE CMS
Pharmacist Liaison LCDR Fengyee Zhou (Bio) PHARM DHS/ICE
Physician Liaison LCDR Colin Smith (Bio) PHYS IHS
Scientist Liaison LT Xia Michelle Lin (Bio) SCI CDC
Therapist Liaison LCDR Joshua Caulder (Bio) THER BOP
Veterinarian Liaison LT John Rossow (Bio) VET CDC
CCWIAB Liaison LCDR Vicky Hsu (Bio) ENG CDC
CCHQ Liaison LCDR Zakiya Chambers (Bio) PHARM HHS
ICAC Liaison  LCDR Stephanie Chiang (Bio) HSO CMS
MOLC Liaison LCDR Dustin Tran (Bio) PHARM FDA
PACE LCDR Jason Caballero (Bio) SCI FDA
PHS Athletics LCDR Natalie Li (Bio) PHARM BOP
SOAGDAG Liaison LT Lee Ryder (Bio) THER IHS
AMSUS Liaison LCDR Ingrid St. Amand (Bio) NURSE HHS

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